Tif 419 Bermuda in Texas

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jason72g, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Who is this BG? Is think greens post sarcastic ?
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    He was a trip...I'm sure he will return!
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    Ya know, I was a member of another lawn forum just so I could read his posts...
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    Yea, just a bit. He who shall not be named was famous for telling wild tales of assaulting customers verbally and physically. He had more daily issues than Soloscaperman.:usflag:
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    Or Topsites...
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    I see a lot of different opinions about managing this type of grass, but I'm not sure how many are really meaningful.

    First, its called Tifway -- only Tifway, no 419. The 419 part was part of its experimental designation Tifton 419 from the 1950s. From its 1960 release onward, it has only been Tifway.

    Second, every sod farmer seems to call his relatively fine textured bermudagrass Tifway. However, most Tifways really aren't Tifway. Some sod farmers just call it Tifway to take advantage of a well known name, knowing full well that's its nothing more than a fine textured common bermudagrass. Some sod farmers didn't maintain the genetic purity of their fields and allowed contamination, like mutations or common bermudagrass, to change their stock. The owner of Tifway (Georgia Seed Development Commission) estimates that 60 to 75% of the Tifway sold in the southern US is not actually Tifway.

    Blue-tag certification and individual state certification doesn't even mean the Tifway stand is pure. Only a chain of custody document and current year certification from Georgia Seed Development Commission will tell you for sure. If you buy sod without having a GSDC cert, chain of custody document, and a record of how the sod farm kept the stand pure, you probably don't have Tifway -- you just have common bermudagrass. When I did university extension work, landscapers were amazed at how much better real true Tifway performed than their Tifway knock-offs.

    But, back to the mowing that has dominated this thread. I've maintained genetically pure Tifway at 0.375" as a golf course fairway for a PGA Tour tournament and at 3.5" at the same course in the rough. A reel was used in the fairway, but rotary mowers were used in the rough. The cut quality is the exact same whether using a reel or rotary, as long as the equipment is properly maintained.

    We may all have our different preferences, but Tifway performs just as well at 0.375" and 3.5" and just as well when reel cut or rotary cut.

    Take a look at the golf course roughs (any area that is not tee, fairway, or green) when the next golf tournament is on TV. They all cut roughs with rotary mowers -- and they all look great.
  7. Think Green

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    We can finally agree on something...............the cut height of this Tifway!!
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    So they were all managed the same except the mowing?
  9. Think Green

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    This should clear up some confusion...........!
    I thought for a minute that I was being blasted for being from the South and not knowing my grasses but I subsided my anguish.
    There isn't anyone going to make me think otherwise. Down South, my growers do grow the authentic hybrid varieties........whether they have accreditation from the USDA or the USGA, if it is sold as such legally......then this variety of Tifton is sold today as Tifway 419.
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    I love reading through these types of threads. The OP is getting his monies worth on this one. 419 is the easiest of all of the turf types I have taken care of.. You do not need a reel to keep it sharp and crisp looking and it loves the heat you just have to keep the moisture in it.

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