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    new to me this year are some backyard golf greens with tifeagle putting surfaces. any suggestions from anyone with experience would be helpful. unsure how much maintenance this requires and if they should be treated any different than tif-419?
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    Are you mowing them or just fertilizing them. If you are mowing them you will have to mow everyday, at the least every other day. They will need to be core aerified 2-3 times yearly, topdressed with high quality sand at least 6 times during the growing season. As far as fertility, about 6lbs.N/M is about standard for these types of grasses. Three pre-emerge applications of barricade, and a foliar application at least every ten-14 days will keep them in pretty good shape. Good luck with them, I would never undertake anything like that without the customer paying me well, i.e. $20/M or so.

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