Tiger Cub - 19 hp Kaw Caught Fire

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by HereInOhio, Jun 11, 2018.

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    I purchased a 48” Tiger Cub STC48A-19KA (2005: s/n A480 0026) with obviously a 19 hp Kawasaki (FH601V-CS29-R).

    The previous owner loaned it to his neighbor to pick up fall leaves. While doing so it caught on fire, assuming he backed into leaves or the leaves contacted the muffler. He grabbed a fire extinguisher but it was empty so he put it out with a 5 gal bucket. Long story short, he claimed it on his homeowners insurance and paid the owner for it who bought a newer unit and sold me this one.

    All of the electrical (except the spark plug wires and coils), hydros, and lower part of the engine seem untouched. Basically from the air intake going into the carb and above got torched, all the plastics. He had the bagging system on so the top “clamshell” cover melted and encapsulated the top of the engine. I brought it home yesterday and picked away all of the melted plastics. Once that was off it spun free and seemed good (didn’t test compression yet but pretty sure it’s fine).

    I bought it with the worst case scenario having to replace the engine and best case just replacing a few melted parts. I’m hoping I can find someone who blew their engine and had it replaced and have a spare laying around with all the goodies I need preferably unmelted. I know it’s a far shot. If not I’ll have to try to find the parts that I need one by one which I’m afraid could cost a good chunk of the price of a new power plant and no guarantee the current engine is good.

    From the looks of it I would probably pull the carb and give it a once over replacing the necessary gaskets and possibly throwing a new shaft in to make it 23 hp while in there. Then I need the coils, plug wires, air intake/filter assembly, plastic flywheel cover, upper engine shroud and eventually bagger lid.

    If anyone has this engine laying around or these parts shoot me a message or even better call/text 440-467-1one23. I’m located by Cleveland, Ohio but travel all over or could possibly work out something with shipping. If you have other suggestions/opinions please feel free to comment.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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    I have that tiger cub
    Would love to unload it
    But I’m in Alaska
  3. HereInOhio

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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah that’s a little to far. Maybe if I can’t find anything closer depending on the condition yours is currently in maybe we can work something out.
  4. jrodgers

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    Ever around S Jersey? Coil and plug wires are one part. Think I might have most of that stuff.
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  5. HereInOhio

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    Not usually but maybe mailing them would be a possibility. Do you know what you would want to get for them?

    I just started to dig into this yesterday. I need to find a parts diagram of the engine to see exactly what I need and make a list, I found a few but it was 4 am and I wake up around 6 so I have some more searching to do.

    I couldn't even tell the coils and wires were one piece, they were a big chunk of plastic with a copper wire hanging. I know I need the fuel pump and it looks like other connections towards the top of the engine where the rubber lines connected to. Again it was hard to tell after I chiseled the stuff away and a diagram would do me good.

    Thanks for the reply and I will make a list as soon as I can. I also need the seat back but at this point it's not my priority.
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  7. HereInOhio

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    Walker56 - thank you, this will save me some time.

    JRodgers if you have a chance please call me at 440-467-1one23.

    Thanks everyone.
  8. BigFish

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  9. HereInOhio

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    My friend has a 641v with a bad rod rod he'll give me. Most of the other parts I need are the same exact part. I really wanted to toss a donor carb on because the one on this caught a lot of heat and I'm pretty sure all seals will need replaced.

    I'm assuming the bolt pattern is the same since the block is the same. I would assume you can put the 641 carb on the engine and run it but I'm wondering what modifications you would need to run it in a scag that had a 601v.

    The models are FH641V-AS08 vs. FH601V-CS29. I know they are not the same and have different bowls and the 641 has two fuel connection barbs coming out of the top vs 1 with the 601 along with a diff solenoid. So I get it they are not the same, I'm wondering if you can make it work with minimal work.

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