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Tiger Cub oil cooler


LawnSite Member
Wintson salem nc
I was thinking about adding a hydraulic oil cooler to my Tiger Cub. From just looking at the online manuals it looks like I could order the cooler and bracket from an air cooled Wildcat. Then I just mount the oil cooler and add one hose. I know it may cause some warranty issues but I think it would be good idea.


LawnSite Fanatic
What makes you think it is needed.....Scag is one of the best designed machines and proven to be reliable? As the regional technical support Scag guy he will advise on the need and warranty questions.


LawnSite Member
Anderson Indiana
I was asking the same thing for a Simplicity a couple weeks ago in the Maintenance and repair forum titled has anyone added a fan to a hydro. People suggested the oil cooler idea as being better than doing a fan. I ordered an over engine mount and will probably go ahead and install a cooler now that i've figured out how to do it, but am almost convinced it may not be necessary.