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    Just finished making a striping kit for my tiger cub and i got all the info i needed from the seach function on here .So the search function works and helps . Oliver1850 had built one for his and had pics so i followed what he did and it looks great no have to wait till spring to try it out . Its not a quick release setup is the only down fall i see , going to try to come up with a way to hang it up on back of mower when not in use
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    I am glad you were able to use this site and the search feature to create ideas to better your business.

    I am also glad my posting helped. I too got the idea from this site, Jetboater if I recall.

    The chain kit on my Scag has worked flawlessly and has made a big difference on some of my more difficult accounts.

    Now that Scag has a new striping kit, I will probably purchase it with my new Scag Wildcat this Spring.

    Best Regards.

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