Tiger vs Lazer striping?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Well I put a striper on both ZTR's even though the turf here isn't very high quality. Not the greatest for striping but I thought I would give a short review of both stripers. Well the Exmark striper fits on the rear of the deck of course and it very convenient. It produces very deep stripes but if you change cutting heights very often it can be a bit of a pain because you can't adjust it very easily. If you cut at the same height all the time it would work out better. If I set it for 3 3/4" then it is hard to go to 3". It does not like rough ground or uneven ground very much. But over all a fine set up. The Scag is spring loaded and adjust to different ground contours better keeping steady pressure at all times. No matter what the cutting height it keeps constant pressure against the grass. It can also be removed easily with two pins. On the negative side it is behind the wheels so it may drag some getting on the trailer, but it will lock in the up position which eliminates most of that problem. Both have strong points. I would call it a toss up right now as far as which one is better. I would probably lean toward the Scag being a little more versatile while the Exmark roller is giving me a deeper stripe. If I could adjust the Exmark to different heights a little easier I would give it a better rating. If you have level lawns and cut at the same height all the time then the Exmark would be the one to use. It's a bit rough and unforgiving on rough lawns. Really the stripes are not that great on this weedy turf but the appearance is improved somewhat. This is 3.5" which is a bit low but still shows some striping with the tiger, not that great but i don't have much to work with, mosty weeds.

    a 015.jpg

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    tacoma,looks good,could you please post pctures of both the Exmark and the SCAG?

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    looks nice
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    I'll try to get it done. I'm just now getting them both set up. I cut this same lot with the Exmark Friday before the rain set in and the stripes were deeper but I have the roller set fairly low. It will take me some time to compare the two. Especially since the Exmark roller has to be unbolted to be adjusted. You can feel the bumps with the Exmark roller but you don't know the Scag is on during normal cutting. The rain hit before I was done mowing so I didn't get a picture with the Exmark. I think I will like them both. They both have positive and negative aspects, at least in the rough area's. I may end up raising the Exmark roller for a lighter stripe if it rides as rough as it did the first time. I cut some lawns at 3" so that roller is going to be close to the ground for them. Thankfully most of mine are at 3.5". So far the Exmark is making a better looking stripe but this turf is not good here.
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    looks nice.
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    i can hardly tell the difference in your stripes than my kubota's that dont have them. i dont think the stripers do much , or maybe it is the photos rather than seeeing in person! maybe.......
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    I don't have the grass for striping really and this is cut at 3.5". There is not much turf here that will leave a good stripe. This lawn is about 60% fescue and 40% other (weeds, other grasses, clover, etc). But you can see a difference when you take the striper off. I'm basically just reviewing which striper works better or is more practical, the roller on the deck or the spring loaded roller behind the wheels. My lawns are not going to stripe well, that's just all there is too it. You really need so good grass to stripe, not weeds. So I'm not saying my stripes compare to finer lawns. There are several guys in this area using stripers and the stripe never looks that great unless it is a fairly young lawn that hasn't had a lot of weeds blown in yet. The turf here is just bad. They do not fertilize, or weed, or even sew good turf grass here. What ever was growing in the field where the home was built is basically what you have to deal with. This may sound strange to someone in the suburbs or city that is used to cutting basically pure turf. But you can tell a difference in person. It is strange to me that even the richest in the county don't care much about the turf quality. Of the two wealthiest around one uses a tractor on the 40 acre property except just around the house and the other one has a fenced in area with horses in the front. So go figure, this is how they do it in the country. I will never have any super good stripes on any of my present lawns but they look as good as others in this same area except for a couple with new turf and the phone company which had sod brought in which is unheard of in this area. Ky 31 field grass is the standard (not the turf type fescue they should be sewing). Sorry, didn't mean to write a book but good turf is essential to a good stripe and I don't have it.
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    Have you ever tried to talk somebody into making the lawn nicer with fert and spraying the weeds? If you could get just 1 person to do it and you turn the lawn around and make it stand out maybe others will ask you to do the same thing?
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    It's hard to change an entire culture such as the rural South. I have not had over 1-2 calls per year for weed control or fertilize. There are more than enough guys that have bought equipment that is collecting dust or rust. The paper is full of adds for such a service but I have no doubt they don't get very much business. I am good friends with most of the lawn care guys in this area and have a feel for what you are saying. Even the richer customers from Michigan, Ohio, etc that own second homes here that I have talked to are not interested in weed control. The locals don't care and the tourist don't care. One of them tried to get his customers to do as you suggested and bought all the equipment including a very expensive slit seeder and has had almost no takers.

    When you can get on your jet and fly all your friends to Nashville for lunch but have your front lawn cut mostly by a tractor, that should tell you where the priorities are here.

    I enjoy lawn care and I have a niche market. Most of my customers are banks, real estate company's, Churches, Northerners that have a second home here near the lake etc. There is a high turnover because many of these properties are for sale. They can be fairly rough, steep and difficult you just never know. I do have some steady home owners such as the one pictured. That is a doctors property and he told me to spray roundup around everything so I didn't have to get off the mower (I don't but that's how easy going he is). But no way is he going to invest much in the turf when he thinks it looks great as it is. But he will try to chase you down and give you a beer. You couldn't ask for any nicer customer, they gave me a new pair of Maui Jim shades the other day (Optometrist).

    You live in an upscale East Coast suburban area and I live on the western edge of Appalachia (one of the poorest area's in the country). I have lots of ways to make money, I do this mostly because I enjoy it. I know I don't have the greatest lawns but living in this easy going area after living in most other parts of the country is not bad at all. I'm happy, no traffic, big lake.:)
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    Thats how all customers should be like, I have about 10 customers that do the same types of things. And everyday i say "why cant eveyone be like that"?

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