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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by head_start, Apr 20, 2011.

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    I know the title does not reflect what i need help with, but i am not sure how to phrase this.
    I finished some work today, cleaned up the driveway, fixed any marks in the yard, and all round fixed any blemishes I left while working. I show up to the property at 9:30, which is a little late, but we had storms last night. Everything was wet, and I wasn't in the mood to make a bigger mess. After I was done the owner asked me to take some of the sticks that fell out of her trees during the storm, so I complied. As i was getting ready to leave, she started making rude remarks about how i was late, she then called me lazy, and reminded me who "signed the checks". I was appalled at how rude she was. Even more disturbing to me was, through the whole process she stalked me around the yard. During the install she would be as annoying as possible, and rude to boot. I know she may be old, but how do i deal with this in a polite and professional manner? Today I just apologized and left, but what about in the future? This was by far the biggest insult session anyone has ever given me while working, and actually the only person to insult me while i am working. I guess I’m just a little taken back, and confused. So, I am turning to the veterans of the profession here, what would be the professional or polite thing to do?
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    How to deal with it in a polite and professional way, Just be polite and professional as you were. Getting old ain't much fun and I am sure there are some days where she may be awful grumpy. If everytime you do work for her she is that way and you can't handle it then tell her in a nice way that to find another service.

    You might want to print out your post, put it in an envelope and mark the envelope. "Open on my 85th birthday" When you are that age it might be a nice gentle reminder to you that when your body feels like crap you still need to be nice to people.
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    Thank you sir, i appriciate the advice, greatly.
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    I once had a on older gentleman follow me around with a lawn chair. He ate snacks and his lunch all day in his laewn chair 4 feet from me. You just get it done and move on. Their money spends the same. Make the just annoying folks less annoying.
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    I wouldn't stand being called lazy though. Never have I been called that and I'm sure anyone that works in this industry is far from lazy.

    I would have polity explained your position. If at that point she didn't respect you, then I would have dropped her. No one deserves to be treated that way.

    There are the average HO though that wants to follow and maybe talk, and sure might be a bit grumpy, but that's easy to take in stride.

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