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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Scottscape, May 5, 2006.

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    Well the other day I get a call wanting a garden tillered, 10x12 I charged him $75.00 I went tillered it raked it, raked up any debris on the top and went and extra mile by taking all the larger rocks out and stacking them. Guy calls me later that day when he gets home and says he wants it tillered farther over to the fence (where my tiller doesnt reach and is sod). Him being a new customer I said no problem on my route next week I'll stop by and dig some of it up, he says ok no problem. 5 mins later guy calls back "your only tillered it 2 inches" I said no sir I tillered 4-6 and went over it 3 different times to assure fine soil. He said whatever dont use me for a reference and dont even bother coming back to get the sod up with a shovel against the fence I said. no problem, I apologize and hangs up on me. Today I get a call later in the day and he says "youve got 2 choice you either get over here right now and pull this sod up against the fence or im cancelling the check I wrote". I then said "excuse me if you cancel that check thats fraud" he then said "I dont care" I said "thats fine you do that and I will have you arrested" he said go ahead. So we will know in about a week if he has cancelled them or not. This is my first experience with someone saying there gonna cancel a check and such. Am I able to have him arrested or will I have to file first and have the prosecutor decide?
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    Forget all that, first thing you should do is go to the bank HIS check is drawn on, and cash it.
    You might be able to do this tomorrow, dunno... But asap, if not 9am saturday then 9am monday!
    Don't deposit it in your account, that takes too long - Go to his bank, and cash it.

    If it's already cancelled, say so and I gots more firey stuff.
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    Cash the check..do not deposit it.
  4. Scottscape

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    checks are from a credit union in texas otherwise I would have cashed them. Got any other alternatives if he does cancel. Is this possible to call the police? I read a guys post on here the other day that said he had a guy arrested for cancelling a check. not sure.
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    IF he cancels:


    15 minutes + 10 dollars = you're done.

    p.s.: Get a CONSUMER package and pay the extra to get the credit reporting option, otherwise it's just so many more 'you owe me my money pay me now' letters going in the garbage. Commercial packages are for commercial contracts, not resis.
    I usually get the Instant Collect Package 6.95 + 3.00 (Credit Bureau Notification).

    p.s.s.: I must admit I'd love to have a camera handy to catch a shot of the look on the guy's face should you decide to have the police show up at his house lol - You can try it, might work, might not.

    Either way, you're doing the right thing by not letting him get away with it, folks like that...

    As for me, one day I'd like to institute the three kick rule on one of them, it works kinda like this:
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    FYI, you did not 'tillered' the soil or do any 'tillering' (these terms deal with shoots or stems from grasses). You acted as a tiller, you tilled or rototilled the soil. I am not saying this to be a horses azz, I am only trying to spare you a possible awkward moment in the future. Proper terminology goes a long way in establishing confidence with MOST clientele.

    I hope you CASHED that check...Let us know the outcome.


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