tillers and edgers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kutnkev, Aug 27, 2000.

  1. kutnkev

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    can someone give me an idea of a choice of tillers or 3-wheel edgers? i looked at the sears rear tine 9hp b/s at999 and the others are not as powerfull to be three times the price. edgers have been short on varity going by the advce here, i m not going to spend alot on it so the sears at 200 bucks seems to be ok for not a critical peice of equipment

  2. steveair

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    If you are going to buy a edger and only need it a few times, then a stick edger would be the best bet.

    For a little over 300, you could get a stick edger, comercial grade, and have a machine that will perform well on most jobs.

    Just purchased a stihl fs85rt, a trimmer model with a interchangeable shaft that a stick edger can be added on to.
    I purchased the edger attachment, around $85, and love the machine. The base unit, engine and string trimmer, were a little over 300, so spent around 450 in total by the time taxes and what not were done (along with a case of oil and some string line)

    now, I mainly do landscape construction, so I do not use the machine as much as other maintenance guys do. I will say that I love it though. For the most part, it works just as good as any of wheeled edgers do, and a lot less hassle.

    For your situation, maybe a way to go. At least this way, instead of spending money on machine you will only use occasionly, u get a machine that can be used everyday as a string trimmer, and then also as a edger when needed.

    Also, your getting a quality, proven product, which the craftsman is not. For the extra money, the stihl, or any other commericial product, echo/redmax/etc, is worth it if you are doing it for business.


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  3. toddman35

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    As someone said earlier if you are going to get an edger, then a stick will go along curbs, im not sure if a walk behind can do that. just something to think about.
  4. Barkleymut

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    If you are looking at a tiller or edger that is only going to be used from time to time why not buy used? Save a lot off the price and if it breaks you have time to have it fixed since you are not using it on a daily basis.
  5. Runner

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    If you are going to buy any one edger, then I wouldn't recommend a stick edger. The reasonbeing is that you will not have the adequate power todo heavier edging jobs (like new jobs- especially in Spring). A push edger has the versatility to do curbs and canhandle ALL your edging needs. McClane makes an EXCELLENT edger for the money, and is even now available at Home Depot. I would also advise stayingaway from Craftsman equip.for commercial work- especially the edgers. You'll wear it out in less than a season.
  6. jaclawn

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    If you want a full size tiller, get a TroyBuilt. PIck the size that will best suit the work you will be doing with it, starting with the Pony series.

    If you want a mini tiller, get a Mantis. It is great for repairing small areas of lawn, tilling up existing flower beds... It is not for tilling virgin land, it is not for tilling large gardens, but it does have its place.

    I own both, and feel that each has its place. The Troy for the larger jobs, for the ground breaking jobs, The Mantis for the light touch up work, for the easy stuff, to keep from doing the work by hand.

    I also own a front tine tiller. IT too has it's place, most notably for mixing soil.

    Like mentioned above, consider getting a used unit if it will only be used on occassion.

    I would rather get a used "good" machine than a new "cheap" machine any day.
  7. geogunn

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    kutinkev--one thing to remember about tillers is that for tilling a lawn or garden, rear tine is the way to go. and they should be able to counter rotate for breaking ground.

    for landscaping beds, the rear tine is not much use because you can't get close. front tine is the way to go there.

    hope this helps

  8. kutnkev

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    thanks guys
    i think i/you found the solution. the mantis mini-tiller is at http://www.amleo.com for 303 bucks and comes w/ a free edger wheel and blade. i plan to offer garden tilling as part of my fall sevices, so it wont get much use while i build up customers i can use it for both aps.if one or the other taks off then ill go big on seperate units for next year. just want to take my time, learn, then grow.


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