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Tilling Job


LawnSite Member
I have a customer that wants me to till an area for her to plant flowers. The total length is 176 linear feet and I have to rent a 36 inch tiller. I was thinking of charging $88.00 plus the cost of the tiller;is this a good price? ;)


LawnSite Senior Member
id double the cost to rent the tiller and esimate how many hours its going to take you from start to finish and give her a charge based on your hourly rate

green horizons

LawnSite Member
zone 5
I can't comment specifically on price as each area is different. But how many sq. ft.? You stated 176 long, but how wide? Will you be breaking new ground? A 36in. rototiller? Is this a walk behind unit? I've never seen a walk behind that wide. My 3-pt. tiller is 4 or 5 feet wide, if you get where I'm going with this.... I do a good bit of tilling and the one thing I've noticed is that it is a hard sell to get a fair price. Again, pricing "anonymously" on the net is difficult, but my gut says your price may be low. If they'll pay rental plus 88, wouldn't they pay rental plus 125?


LawnSite Member
Green Horizons I get where you are coming from. This price would be for breaking new ground, I think it is a 48" tiller, and the tilling is only to be as wide as one pass with the tiller (so about 704 square feet). What i am looking for is not a solid price, just a good home plate price. I have thought about making it a total of $200.00 for this job.