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Dayton, Ohio
I have a customer that wants an area tilled 6-8" depth. The area is 16' x 32'. The area has been tilled before and has no rocks or roots to worry about. I need to rent a tiller. What is the best kind of tiller for me to rent? What is the difference between front and rear tine? Since I have to rent the tiller, what do you think a fair price to charge would be?

I will also be doing a lot of extra work on his lawn also, not just the tilling. Mulching, edging, mowing, etc.

Thanks for your input.


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St. Louis, MO
although i am brand new and still green (pun intended!). i tilled a 10'x10' area last fall and i used a rear tine tiller. i forget the brand, but it had a 5 hp honda engine. it was pretty big and really had to be muscled around, but it did an excellent job. i think it cost me $35 for 4 hours. i was done in about 30 to 45 minutes. i was so impressed that i'm going to rent another one this monday to till a 10'x25' area in my front yard. it'll till probably as deep as 1' if you can hold onto it. definetely wear some gloves when you do it. as far as what to charge, i'd call a few rental places around and figure what you want, figure out how much you want to charge per hour and add the price of the tiller rental to his final price. good luck.:drinkup:

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