? Tilling wihtout Roundup-ing..problems later?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GarPA, May 2, 2003.

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    Have a neighbor who called last nite and wants a new bed cut in asap...like this weekend. Normally I would kill the grass then till it if they want easier soil to dig in then raise the beds a few inches with soil and mulch but theres no time to Roundup it. Have you just tilled the grass under for new beds and have you ever had a problem with grass coming back up thru the soil/mulch? thanks
  2. BRL

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    I only do that Round Up method when we are NOT tilling up the bed. Once you till it up you are disturbing thousands of dormant weed seeds that may now want to germinate with the sudden change in habitat. So along with any of the old turf that may start to grow again, you may have tons of new weeds to deal with. So don't worry about Round Up if you are tilling it under. Then deal with any weed problems that come up afterward by using pre-emergent or post emergent herbicides. Go for it.

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    I almost always just cut out the bed shapes with a spade or edger move them in a few inches and then till it through about 4 or 5 times down as far as the tiller will go... Once it's mulched / burmed, you should not get any grass growing up through, but like BRL said , you will be bringing up tons of new weed seeds just looking for that light and air you just gave it.. So it is improtant to get it mulched asap or youll have to put down some sort of herbicide like preen or the like to keep it frm becoming a weed bed... I have had great luck just putting a heavy coating of mulch down within a few days of the tilliing...
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    I agree with BRL
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    When I'm installing new beds where there is turf, I always use a sod cutter to remove the grass. Very quick, and the sod is re-usable. No round-up. No tilling unless you need to apply soil amendments. Plus the sod cutter will leave a nice edge.

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