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    I love tilling gardens and charge minimum of $30 and up. I use a BCS tiller. This is an Italian made machine, all gear driven. One time I showed up to do 20 x 40 and the lady just laughed at it, because she had bought this Troybilt which wasn't doing anything in the way of tilling, but beat on her. She wanted to turn me away because the BCS is about the same size as her Troybilt. I told her if I couldn't't do a good till for her I'd be back with the tractor, plow, disk, and harrow for free. Well long story short, I tilled that garden in two passes, but did a third to rub it in. Got an extra $10 when I was done. Oh yeah, while I was tilling she had taken the Troy out to the front lawn and put a "For Sale" sign on. Motto is: get the good stuff to work with, it's more fun!
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    How dod you get it done in two passes? Isn't that machine only about 30" wide?
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    Hey bdurbin, I am not following what your saying. I have a big size Troybilt and I can till with one hand and is rear time like your BCS. Not sure why that BCS is better than TroyBilt since they both work the same way tilling. If it is beating up on her as you put it then she doesn't know how to operate the tiller.

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