Timber and Blcok walls

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by tthomass, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. tthomass

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    I was rethinking the extent of my experience with timber walls. I am going to start doing work in an area where timber walls may be options.

    Now I've built several but nothing over 4' high and we just put dead-men in as we saw fit (plenty of them for sure).

    At what point do you stop with deadmen and use geograde? At what point is an engineer or inspector needed?

    I have the same question towards block walls because height experience is almost the same.
  2. forestfireguy

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    Here any wall over 4 ft. is to be engineered, I know lots of guys who don't but for the couple hundred it costs to have an engineer stamp his approval it's cheap insurance. You just build it into the price, in my expierience people like to see the" extra planning" and feel better going higher.
  3. Mike33

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    Im confused on your thread. You are i assume talking geo-grid for srw block?
    Depending on your block manu. i use allen block 6 degree and i grid every 3 couses min. depending on sir charge 60% height of wall. Other manuf. could be different i cant and it would not be fair for me to comment on what they might want. As far as engineer check your local codes where im from it is not needed to a greater height. I have over 180 plus walls out there and i would not think of a drawing for this. But if you feel better and thats your codes go for it. Most common walls are not over 4' any way even though i have a lot over 5 and 6' and a few up to 15'.
  4. tthomass

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    from N. VA
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    yeah I've got to look into codes, I've never had to go over 4' so I'm just getting ideas as to additional things that become involved as you go up

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