Timber bridges

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Lite4, Jan 17, 2009.

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    These are a couple of bridges I built about 11 years ago. Same time and same development as the timber entryway. I built a total of 12 of these bridges around the 500 acre property for pedestrian and equestrian travel. These babies were tough, I could drive the pictured skid steer across them without any problems all day long. You never see any pics of me as I was the only field employee and most always worked alone unless I needed a hand with something. My wife snapped some pics of me on one of her trips up to visit me. Enjoy

    This first set: These pics are a sequence of two bridges that were about 2000' apart. We had poured the concrete piers 2 weeks prior to this point. Also notice the 1" ready bolt coming out of the top. We will need those to attach our log girders.




  2. Lite4

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    Log girders are notched and attatched to the piers.

    4"x10" planks are attatched to the logs.

    I fabbed and painted the brackets you see being used for the post and railing supports. It took me about 2 days of cutting, welding and painting to get brackets for 1 bridge completed. Those were fun shop days. I love welding!




  3. Lite4

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    The rail assembly is finished. and the bridges are stained.

    Me standing on the lower bridge.




  4. Lite4

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    The upper bridge completed. I was pretty happy with how these turned out. They are still there and working great for the horse traffic on the trails. I built about 5 miles of 10' wide road grade equestrian trails throughout the park and all the properties.


  5. LindblomRJ

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    Nice work. Looks like a really fun project.
  6. Lite4

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    Thanks, The whole project was a really unique opportunity. This development is about an hours drive north out of Boise. It was so quiet and peaceful everyday. The only sound I heard was the the ocassional bird and the wind in the pine trees.
  7. LindblomRJ

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    I have always enjoyed that county North of Boise. One of my dad's cousins lived in Salmon for quite a while.
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    Nice bridges! Beautiful country up there!
  9. Fiano Landscapes

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    Very nice work! Wow! What a nice place to work for a few days. Hopefully our next project is in as cool as a place as this one.
  10. Lite4

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    I actually spent 3 straight years up there working on that project. I was the only employee, so the owner and I did everything. All the underground, all the access roads throughout the 500 acre property, equestrian trails (about 5 miles), 2 model log homes constructed, cutting timber and clearing homesites, bridges, a 5 acre park with ponds and 2 large timber pavilion structures, all the common area irrigation and landscaping, welding, maintaining all of the trucks and heavy equipment, plus all the little incidentals inbetween. This was such a fun project and the owner became like a father to me. It was such a great experience. I worked for him for 7 years but I was married and had a new baby and needed to make more than 10.50 an hour. That has been about 9 years since I left that company.

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