Timber entryway and stonework

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Lite4, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Since I am looking for a job, I have been gathering up some of my past work pics and found these ones. This is one of the entryways I built for a mountain development about 11 years ago. The logs are Tamarack. I spent about 2 weeks with a draw knife and chainsaw getting them stripped and notched for assembly. I gathered all the river rock for the walls down at the nearby creek with a strong back and empty skid steer bucket. That's me setting the stone.




  2. Lite4

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    The finished entryway. There are a total of 3 large entrys. 2 with this design and one with a different style. I will see if I can find those pics.
    Here a couple of small signs too.




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    Really awesome work on all the pics. I gotta get my a$$ out that way someday out here in Southern NJ we don't even have hills.
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    Thanks, Yeah we have some really beautiful country out here. We are very lucky.
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    I miss the mountains.
  6. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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    Out of the creek....we have to pay $200+ a ton for those babies.
  7. Lite4

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    I know, we were blessed with some beautiful marbled river rock.
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    You wont be out of work long. every picture you posted is some of the best work Ive seen and inspires me to do better work. especially the water features.
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  10. Lite4

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    yeah, I will have to dig them up but most of the log and cedar homes sitting on the 2 acre parcels there are between 350 and 450k. When I was clearing the timber and determining the lot layouts we uncovered some incredible homesites with views that would knock your socks off. The largest lot is 24 acres on it's own little mountain top with 360 degree views. The property is bordered by BLM (Bureau of land managemant) public land on 2 sides. Every day there are huge herds (100-150) elk that wander down onto the meadows of the ranch and inbetween the homes. There are also a ton of Mule and white tail deer, wild turkeys, black bear and mountain lion on the property and adjoining land. It is incredibly beautiful country. You can probably do a web search on it. It is called Crosstimber Ranch, in garden valley, Idaho.

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