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Timber Retaining wall Bid. Lots of Details.


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HI, I need to get some pricing numbers here on a Timber Retaining wall using 6x6's It is 83 feet long x 30 inches tall, so about 280 face feet of wall I know how to build these walls with the deadmen and all. It is in a customers backyard that just drops off about 30 feet down to revine on about a 30 degree slope. It will be kind of though because the soil is sandy and I will be building the wall on a 30 degree slope, so the base layer will have to be buryed. All she is tring to do Is gain about 6 more feet of back yard. Right now there is only about 2 feet inbetween the deck and where the slope starts down to the creek. So basically I am building the wall about 4 feet down the hilside and then backfilling the wall.. I am estimating about 12 cubic yards of fill soil behind the wall. It is tractor accesable. I appreciate the help.

oh, I tried talking her into a concrete block retaining wall but had no luck because she bought the house last year and she already has timber walls on the side of her house and wants it to match!


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Cape Cod
Be careful that you are not going to be violating any environmental laws. In my state there would be a lot of permiting involved. Yours may be different.


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I use a 16" makita skill saw to cut the 6x6s. With dead men in sand 48" min. and put a 18" piece 90 degrees at the end like a t. This limits pull outs. Use onlt 8" timberlock screws. You need a 5 amp drill to burry them. Top the wall with a 2 x 8 flush with the back. Overhang the front and 45 the corners.
Sean C.


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I would make sure you use pleanty of base, and backfill properly. It will take you some time to do this so don't sell yourself short! As far as numbers take the amount of materials add 20% and then add labor remember don't sell yourself short.


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thanks for the good information.. but i think I would have a tough time getting close to $10,000 for this job, dont get me wrong, i would love to get that much, but it may sound harder then it actually is.. I estimated about 30 hours of work with me and my helper. so thats not quite 4 full days. I was thinking about bidding $6,000, but dont want to sell myself short like you said. I calcaulated materials and I actually only have $ $2100.00 in materials. thanks for the time


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Flushing, Mi.
Mainly it is divided up into (2) sections:

(1) 5' by 50' .... very sloped... hand dig only

(2) 12' by 55' ..... about half is on even ground before the other half starts down

It is right on a river if that paints a better picture. It runs from the back of the house to within 10 ft of the waters edge. The soil CANNOT be used to grow turf. It is sandy and full of rocks. It would need to be dug out by hand, and alot of it is mounded way above ground height.

Topsoil would need to be than, brought in, and seeded.

I told them 1375.00 what do you think?


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$2,100 in materials + 20% = $2,520.00

32 Hrs labor @ $40.00 = $1,280.00

32 Hrs operator & tractor @ $60.00 = $1,920.00

Add $250.00 for misc hand tools

TOTAL BID = $5,970.00, I would say you are "In the ballpark"

How did you make out??