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    I am getting a plow for my 2500hd and was thinking of getting a set of timbrens but i was wondering if it would increase the payload or keep the bed of the truck from sagging when i put mulch or topsoil in it. do any of you have timbrens of your truck or know the answer. I need to make due with this truck until i can save up for a bigger dump. I thought if i put a dump insert and timbrens on the truck then maybe it will hold up against a heavier load.
  2. scottishmaximus

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    Is there a problem with it sagging? Springs are supposed to give. My springs are getting worn and I intend to add a leaf or two. If your springs are still pretty good you may be able to get by with tibrens.
  3. mak landscape

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    i had a 8 foot fisher on my 04 2500hd ext cab and with 8 turns on the torsion bars it sagged less than an inch.
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    I run Timbrens on the back of my '05 2500HD with dump insert. The Timbrens come with a spacer that allows you to "preload" them when the truck is empty. I used that spacer, and now the truck sits 1" higher than before when unloaded, about the same as stock height before the 1000 lb. insert was installed. Loaded to 3000 lbs in the bed it squats slightly in the rear and handles very well. The only downside is that the truck rides pretty stiff when it's empty.

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