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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Jul 14, 2001.

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    ok, here goes. i am gonna do up some contracts tonight to send out to all customers. yes, i know its late in the season. but anyways. 2 weeks ago i got a call from a customer. they wanted 5 trees cut down. all wood had to go, chips, stumps ground. the kicker was, that they had to be completed within 7 days. and i could only work there 2 days. cause of the 4'th, shabbos, sunday, and my grass day. the grinding alone would have taken 3 days, the trees took us 1 full day. so i ask you this. if somebody asks you do to a job, not trim hedges, but rather do 10 yards of mulch, or cut 10 trees, plant a couple of thousands of dollars in shrubs, whatever it may be, that is a descent project. if they tell you it must be done in a short amount of time, right away. how much extra do you charge? i was thinking that if you want it done within 10 days of when you tell me, base the price on time and a half, if it must be done within the next 5 days its double time. so if i base my rate on 1000 a day, or however much it is, to get double that rate. or if the stumps are worth 500 dollars a piece, to get 1000 a piece for them. that is what i want to do. because i feel that if people keep doing this to me, im gonna just slam my truck into a telephone pole one night. i find that i am running around until all hours of the night, looking at the job, arranging for personell, equipment, all that stuff. i wind up being extremely angry, and nobody wants to be around me. i curse and yell a lot, even if nobody is with me. my folks hate me too. this is what i want to do, does anybody find this to be unethical? or if it is, are my time frames, and rate changes good, or should i change them?
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    unethical? Its your business, your prices. No one is forcing your customers to accept your estimate(I assume you give the price before you do the work)

    You are the one who needs to be comfortable with your prices.
    I say figure your mark up on a job by job basis. If it's going to rain Monday to Wed and someone wants a job done by weeks end, jack the price up so that staying up all hours of the night is worth it. If it's the type of job you hate doing, double the price. just realize you may not get as many jobs if you jack up all prices.

    The reverse is also true. I do mainly maintenance, but try and pick up the odd job. Been slow, but last week got a couple calls. i gave them lower a price than i might otherwise, just to get some cash in. Ill still make a profit, just not a juicy one. All the grass is dying in toronto anyway, so ive got the time to spare.(cant spend all day on lawnsite!)

    if you do the work first and then bill, try to give the best indication of when you can reasonably get the job done. If you killed yourself but made your predicted deadline, i think you are entitled to something, but double sounds a bit much.


    and here i am thinking im the only one who curses and swears when the sun goes down and im still working.
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    Nothing at all wrong with that. I stay booked up months in advance on installs. Sometimes a customer will want a rush job due to closing or selling a house or whatever. I add a premium on my price. If they take it fine...if not fine. Most always take it though.
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    i am not talking about a premium, i am talkin time and a half, or double time. if the job must be done within the next few days. but not a massive project either, nothing over 10K lets say, just if you have a broken tree on the driveway, or if some trees have to be cut down right away, or god knows what. does this seem unfair? i am just guessing here on increases. however i know that a lot of companies do this if you really put them in an inconvenience. and double time is standard for emergency tree work around here.
  5. lawn boy 82


    You must be Jewish to

    you guy it means no work on SATURDAY
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    yeah, i was reform, now i think i may join an orthodox synagogue. go figure, and i wasnt even barmitzva'd i work for the synagogue, used to work for their rabbi, and work for 1 or 2 other people from there. the rabbi told me that i cannot be there from sunset on friday, until after sunset on saturday. and if i do go there on business, he will give me 30 seconds to run and then shoot me in the back with a shot gun. i actually think that i was cursed for about a year there, because i had gone to his house for some emergency tree work and decided to leave when it started to rain hard. well, that day i dropped off the chipper, and on my way home i got into an accident with my truck. and then i had a few more in the following year. so i really think that you gotta be careful when working for god or hashem's people. WATCH OUT, AND ALWAYS FINISH THE JOB! but yeah....

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