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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by macnow, Apr 27, 2008.

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    I have pretty much been a t&m guy but with the consumer being educated at Home Depot and Lowes it is difficult to justify $45.00 for a rotary head (plus labor) so I have been considering the "book rate" method for pricing. The auto repair shops get away with it so why not for our industry? For example suppose you charged for a service call and have a "simple break - 1 coupling and 2 clamps for $18.00 and a compound break - 2 couplings, pipe and clamps @25.00. Of course if I encountered roots and other problems it would be more.
    I live in Nassau county NY and things are a bit more here in the Northeast. We get $65 to- $75 for a service call, and then book rate for repairs would be added, but what is the general consencus of the "book rate", and do you think $20.00 or more for a break would fly? Do you think $55.00 for the first rotary head (installed) and $45.00 for each additional head is too much or to little.
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    we charge 30 for a pgp..

    45 for a sc....
    i would just do parts and labor, tell the techs not to rush.
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    The most recent break I fixed was into triple digits, being at least a foot down under rocks, with another pipe on top of the broken one. Time and material.
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    Hey Boots, 'bout time for some pics.
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    Thanks for mentioning that - I have to buy a memory card for my Razr phone, since the instruction manual doesn't seem to give me a way to just download the cell-phone photos into my computer.
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    Too many variables to do that. Mechanics can because they know that every 2004 Dodge Ram has the starter in the exact same place with the exact same number of bolts. And so on. But if it works for you.....
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    Excellent point.

    Flat rate would have to be sufficiently high enough for variables, plus have an "out" for adverse/hidden conditions so as to charge even more when conditions require it.

    Too may Flat Raters don't charge enough, and then the boss-man is yelling on the radio that the tech is taking too long for the task (w/o even knowing the onsite hinderances).

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