Time between mows?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lsylvain, Feb 9, 2001.

  1. lsylvain

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    I was wondering how people scedual mows for people. I have customers that want their lawns cut every 2 weeks, some every week, and some want it every 10 days. I was wondering what other people do?

    I was also wordering about price differences related to how often they are mowed.
  2. Eric ELM

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    I tell them it is $XX.00 a week to take care of their lawn, if say they want it cut every 2 weeks, I tell them that it will be 2 times $XX.00 then, so why not cut it every week. I have all weekly's now and we have for many years.

    Cutting every 2 weeks, you need twice as many customers and it's harder on the equipment and takes longer to do them.
  3. SpringValley

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    I charge per cut as often as I can. Some accounts are on contract differently. I had one customer last year that called when he wanted his yard cut. I had to double cut it or collect the grass every time. Where I am located, April and May will require a cutting every five days or less if they fert the heck out of it. June and July will taper off the frequency.
  4. Twotoros

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    Lawns cut less than every two weeks look unkept and are prone to weed invasion. When you have a nasty looking account it reflects on you. People see you working this property and they think it is your fault.
    I mow every week except one busy couple that mows their own lawn every other week and I do it the other.
  5. VLM

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    When I first started out I had people request every 14 day and if the lawn was not a fast grower I would take the work because I needed it. I also would compromise w some and do a 10 day schedule. As my business grew I found the 10 day sched too inconvenient. I was winding up with twice as many jobs on a given day. Now I pretty much do only every 7.
  6. sunrise

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    Welcome Windy City of The East.
    we also would mow at 7,10 14 day just to have the work, but I think that it hurt the business. People would look at the grass at a 10 or 14 day mow and it would look real bad. So only 7 day mows now
  7. lsylvain

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    I would love to just do weekly cuts but i'm not sure how to convince my customers.

  8. Twotoros

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    Tell them NO , you'll find replacements.
  9. Chip

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    You can't allow your cusotmers to do your scheduling for you. It's your business you have to schedule yourself. The way I explain it to my residential cuatomers is the lawns need to be cut every week in the spring and fall, if we have a dry spell in the summer and the lawn can get skipped a week I will skip it. I had customers that I did on a 10 day schedule when I first started out and they were an absolute nightmare to keep up with in the spring.
  10. mowerman90

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    It's simple to schedule your customers for every week mowing. Set yourself down at the computer, bring up your word processor and start typing and printing. Start out like this:

    >Dear Customer,
    >Effective xx-xx-2001 I will no longer be able to provide >mowing on a 10 day or 14 day schedule. I will only be >provideing weekly service from (date) to (date). The >reasons for this are many. First and foremost is that >lawns look much better when done on a regular schedule and >are much more healthy. Second, a poorly maintained lawn >reflects poorly on the company that maintains it. I do >have a reputation to uphold. If this is an inconvience >for you I'm sincerely sorry but I'm afraid you'll have to >find another company to maintain your property.

    If they don't like that, "TUFF", Why beat your brains out trying to save some tighwad a couple extra bucks. Why should you be expected to cut grass that's twice as tall for the same price? It's YOUR BUSINESS so schedule according to YOUR SCHEDULE!!!

    Just my .02

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