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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Apr 18, 2008.

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    On my wife and I's recent trip to Key West, FL - we drove up along side an LCO outfit that takes the cake. My wife couldn't stop laughing and I had a hard time myself...

    80's style Trans Am, trusty but very rusty. Hitch with beat up/rusty 4x6 trailer coming along behind. MTD type push mower with other misc equipment, nothing commercial. And the best part, signs on the car door "Jo Jo's Lawn Care" - not magnetic or vinyl, it was paper taped on the side of the car.

    This dude may work hard and I respect that, but hey, when you see a funny you see a funny:)

    (ps - tried to scramble for my digi cam so I could post pics for you but the light turned green too fast)
  2. nlminc

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    WOW! Did he have a DOT # on the door also? Wish you got the photo! I bet he was on the way to service some of those 1m + homes....I've seen it before.

    There's a lettered box truck in one of my neighborhoods with 2 guys that look like hillbilly's and the truck box just says in big bold black lettering .....CHEAP LAWN CUTS and the phone number. All the homes in this gated com are 600- 1m+
    I would be ashamed to have that sitting out in front of my place!
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  4. Ford2000

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    We were helping out with hurricane clean up in Florida.

    Saw a lady with a straw hat,a school bus that was cut in half,a little 4x8 trailer like the ones you buy at home depot a 48 inch walker and a sign on the bus made out of electrical tape that said lawns cut cheap.:laugh:

    But the lawn did look nice lines were straight.
  5. GrassBustersLawn

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    I go to Key Largo every year to scuba. I've seen some interesting rigs down there. They mow CHEAP down there, but average lot size is only 60x60. I'd hate working there in the summer. IT IS TOO FREAKING HOT.
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    this has to happen in other places other then Florida,give us a break!lol lol
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    Yeah that is pretty good....at least the guys not on the dole.
  8. Ford2000

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    It happens all over, here to in Rochester NY.You see people out in Transams,station wagons blowing smoke.I just thought of that lady because she really stuck out.Big yellow bus,straw hat an over coat down to her knees and boots up to her knees.

    How's the work in Tampa ? I heard that the ( new ) Tampa is booming is this true?

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