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Time for a new name?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kyfireman2004, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I have been using my own last name for years. Zehnder Landscaping
    I have been thinking about changing it to something more easier to remember. What do you guys think about using a last name?
    The name I am looking at is (Rescue 1 Landscaping)
  2. txgrassguy

    txgrassguy LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,083

    Depends upon how much market saturation you have achieved with your name.
    At times customers may interpret a name change in a negative light.
    This said, should you decide to change names be sure and send letters to all of your customers to inform them of the change.
    Oh yeah, be sure to let your state/county/insurance company know as well.
  3. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    seems in my area everyone uses there last name. I didn't.

    I get asked this all the time.... where did king come from..

    the name is KinG lawn care....... My name is Kurt my wife is Gina we called it KnG..... the public seen KING so we changed it to King.....

    the co. in my area who use there lase name are small 1 and 2 man operations.

    they just arnt going anywhere.... and I think it's because of that issue....

    Pets lawn care... sounds like pete is solo and a guy who has a couple of 21' mowers....

    Lamberts Landscaping sounds like a large co...

    this is what I learned for my research before naming my co...

    we also have a ton of mexicans here who use there first or last name.....

    this is also bad. right off the bat it tells the customer too much....

    face it. if you seen an ad for lawn care. and it said Jose's lawn service.

    right away you know there is going to be a communication issue....

    however I'm like you. your last name is kind of tough,,, and fron research people dont pick the last one in line....

    useually they pick the 3 to 4th..... if it was listed in a phone book for exzample.....

    I have done wuite a bit of reaserch on this issue and there is more out there if ya wanna tackle it.....

    some say what's in a name........HAAA everything is.....

    you certainly wouldn't advertise Whites lawn care... in a black neaborhood.

    try to find out the type of people living where you target and cater to them...

    if there all Christians...go that angle..

    or be nuteral

    Good luck
  4. verant

    verant LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 484

    i use my last name "Verant's Lawn Service" i picked that because then people may recognize the last name either by knowing my family or me and i'll get jobs, which has happened many times. i would stick with your name. people tend to go for things they recognize. so if they've seen that last name driving around town on your truck or trailer, they may be more likely to have you do their lawn instead of someone else
  5. shane mapes

    shane mapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 537

    if it were me i would start to change the name by going to z landscape or z lawn care that way your current customers can relate to the change . but starting a new name all the way around could be bad
  6. steve5966

    steve5966 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 210

    Is your name pronounced zender, if so I would keep it. Either way I would not use the word rescue in your new name, I assume you work for or with the fire department. Rescue does not bring pleasant thoughts to me, it is usually associated with something bad happening. Just my thoughts on it.
  7. NC Greenscaper

    NC Greenscaper LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 446

    I use my last name in my company name. I like it that way helps people remember who you are and with name recognition. I wouldn't change your company name unless you are sure is not working and only after having a good plan. It's all in name recognition and chances are you have already have some. You don't want to start that over

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