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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hawg City Lawns, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hawg City Lawns

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    :angry: Well i have been in mowing yards for people since the age of 12 each year getting bigger and bigger. im now in my 7th year of mowing and i mean im doing pretty good new trailer, zero turn, couple of tractors new blower and trimmers etc.. you know the common setup. well ive always thought my next door neighbor was a little weird but this takes it. ever since i started mowing hed ask me about yards and what i would charge and do and etc. i wake up one morning earlier this year and he has a 2008 silverado truck wasnt to surprised you know just a guy that bought a truck but next week he had an enclosed 6'x12' trailer i kinda thought that was odd but didnt think much about it. next thing i know theres a grasshopper sitting in his driveway i was kinda getting pissed thinking hes just trying to show me up buy buying everything a little better than i have well came home couple of days ago and he has his trailer and truck parked in front of my house with the trailer with a sign saying ralphs lawn mowing and gutter cleaning... that pushed me over the edge. ive worked so hard for everything i have and some old man just come in and buy a $20,000 truck and a $3,500 trailer then a $8,000 mower and try to put me out of business AND HES MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR ive seriously thought about just giving him a royal chewing out and im totally that person that would but i think hed just try harder to put me out of business im starting to think hes thinking hes going to get rich by mowing a couple of yards or hes just trying to f*** with me whatever it is its really starting to get on my nerves. but all of that is not the kicker what really threw me over the edge was yesterday his wife stopped me and asked me how long it has taken to get my cliental built up and what i do for advertising and if i had any tips how freaking stupid can you get i wonder if anyone else has this problem :angry:
  2. topsites

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    LOL don't get mad, just watch this guy ought to be enough to get even!

    I'm also 7 years into it, and there is one thing I have learned there is little most folks can do to me just like that :p
    Yeah, a few can still get me, but for the most part I got this one licked.
    That is...

    Don't shortchange yourself, but do as good a job as you can for the best rate you can tolerate,
    which is basically what you're probably doing anyhow, but you know, just be the best you can be
    and do the best you can brother it won't be long you'll be hearing stories about "who is this guy these
    customers keep talking about can do a really good job for HALF my quote!?"

    Won't be long either that guy is out of business, or his equipment looks a little worse for the wear :p
    And maybe just maybe he'll respect you one day, but one thing is for sure,
    he might learn that money in this industry don't come easy.


    I did want to add...
    This is how, why, and where I get my sense of humor from.
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  3. Hawg City Lawns

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    its pretty funny that hes already ran up more than $30,000 in business costs and he still hasnt mowed his first yard so ive got him beat on business management haha but yes he will see that its not that easy
  4. S L C

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    Had a way less situtation happen to me about 3 weeks ago.... well the wife had to convince me not to knock the F E R out...... LOL May happen yet though.... F ' n illegal LOWBALLERS, you know who you all are... :clapping:
  5. mngrassguy

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    I think you need to relax a bit. You may even find out this will work in your benefit somehow. Offer him to mow your jobs for say 50%. You never know, you may end up working together on some big projects or something. Get him to cut your yard for say $10.00.lol

    Talk to him about your concerns and maybe he wont compete against you. This may end up being a good thing.....
  6. S L C

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    Another LOWBALLER that breaks even!!! U = JOKE :rolleyes:
  7. Micheal2008

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    I could understand you being alittle upset but you might be taking it way overboard.. Why worry about what he is doing with his money? If you do good work u have nothing to worry about and isnt there enough people around for you both to mow?
  8. Lawnut101

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    Wow, that would be a tough situation. Can you say scumbag?? I mean, how could his wife even have the guts to ask you to help them out. Obviously if he already has $30k invested in equipment, they are not very smart. Unless he paid it all cash. If I were you, I would tell him to go out and buy a $30k skid steere. End of problems! lol, I'm just kidding. Just keep doing a good job, and people will notice that not only does your equipment look nice, but so does your work.
  9. Sammy

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    It would seem that there is a lot of lawns to mow in the "Chicken Capital of the World" I think you need too "Chill A Little". Enough lawns out there for you both.
  10. LushGreenLawn

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    Why are you guys calling his neighbor a scumbag? Does he not have a right to start a business like the rest of us did? If my neighbor happened to be a in the business, it sure would not have stopped me.

    We don't know the guy personally. He may have a well thought out business plan, or he may be out of business in 3 months.

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