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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Sep 13, 2005.

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    The tires that come on the mower are 20x10.00-8 Carlile super turfs I like them because they are wide (relitavely) and the tread surface is flat, not buldged out and donut looking. They are getting bald, and quite dangerous... I find myself slipping in places I never used to loose traction, and when I'm above a retaining wall, that SUCKS! The part I like tho about the balding tires is that I really have to try hard to tear the turf. I can literally spin the tires full speed in the opposite direction and barely leave a mark. Turns are no prob, even in shaded areas I rarely tear. BUT... If I slide off a 6 foot wall I'm toast!!! I can get the stock tires easy enough from my dealer, but I feel adventurous and want to look for an ideal tread design... Problem is finding them. Looking for something like I have, only a tad more open, nothing like chevrons (bar tread) I'm not lacking traction that bad, lol.

    Any good suppliers? I found Kenda super turfs for $36.14ea. but the jury's still out...
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    Sounds like you own a stander with that odd tire size? I had a set of those super turfs. Wore them out in 50 hours. The carlies have the only good tread life.
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    I had Carlisle Turf Savers on my w/b (16x6.50x8) and they only lasted 2 years. Bought a set of Cheng Shin and I'll get 4 years out of these.

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