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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bettergrass, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. bettergrass

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    when yall are scheduling do you automaticly schedule jobs like 10 days appart from the last time you cut in the summer and in the spring do it like 7 days from that last cut.....i tried doing this cause it would save some time but i never can work on certain days when i go to the ten day intervals ex. one week i work mon wed fri....the next we cut mon thur sat

    how do yall do this
  2. walker-talker

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    Weekly or bi-weekly.....no other way. I refuse to do a 10 day schedule. Has soon as my schedule is full, I will weed out the bi-weeklys, unless they are extremely profitable.
  3. bettergrass

    bettergrass LawnSite Member
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    what do you do if the lawn isnt ready to be cut once a week? i have a few that are barley ready after a week and a half

  4. I'd say yup to the first part. Grass grows like crazy in the spring around here. I make my money when the grass grows. My "schedule" goes from , every 5 days to 7, 10, 14 or whatever.

    Does it create problems? Yup again. As a matter of fact, maybe you can help me out a little. I have a lawn I mow in Cincy. Just north of the tri-county mall. Have you been getting any showers? Do you think it'd need mowing in 7 days? Or should it go to 14 days? (I only mow in Cincy on the weekends because of the traffic) I need to decide before tomorrrow.
    If you can help me out, just post on here. My e-mail's screwed up.


  5. bettergrass

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    im in the mason ohio area and yea we got some rain yesturday and a little just about 5 mins ago.......id say 7 days for now depending on the quality of the lawn....i do fertilizing and the lawns i do the fertilizing grow like crazy and are still running on 8 days every cut......the ones a i dont i have to do 14 cause there starting to get brown and not growing.....i dont get your situation where do you live.....cause you seem not to know the weather around the area but you cut a lawn in tri county
  6. moefb93

    Thanks! I'm "ON" for tomorrow!
    I'm just north of Wilmington. Mile marker 55 on I-71.

    Yeah it's a bear running to Cincy to mow a lawn, but I charge travel time so I make out OK. I not only mow that lawn, I now have to mow the owner's lawn on a house he's building in Indian Hill. It's a construction site right now, so I only mow it every 2-3 weeks. It's 5 acres, but very little turf. It's all ravines and trees.
    I mow a property for him in Dayton too. I have the same problem knowing what's going on there too. But it seems like I need to run all over to get the big lawns.

    Thanks for the tip. Saved me a trip to Cincy just to check the lawn. Clinton County's really dry. But Hamilton County and Butler County seem to be doing OK. So maybe hitting the road to mow ain't too bad after all.

    Thank's again. Hey! I don't owe you some kind of "consultant" fee do I? :D

  7. Rick Jones

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    I do them on the same day week after week. Unless it rains, then I do it the next day. If it hasn't grown and they want to be skipped, they wait a full week.

    I had a lady yesterday who didn't want it cut, but she wanted me to call her on Saturday and see how it was. I told her no, I'll be back next Thursday.
  8. bettergrass

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    haha yea around here i can still see stripes in lawns and everything we seem to be the recievers of those little storm cells cincinnati area has been getting....you should move to mason this place is a goldmine...fastest growing city in ohio and there getting ready to put in one of the nicest strip malls in the country....guess i just got good timing with me beeing in the buisness for 4 years and this being my first that i could drive around.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Monthly contract on 75% of my work so it's weekly, as close to the same day as rain allows. Even if the grass is not growing much I still do the work because the property looks better when I am done and that is what the customer pays for.
    If one of my weeklys says do not cut - I tell them that I will not be back till next week.
  10. HOOLIE

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    I do everyone on a weekly or bi-weekly cycle. Have a few on 10-day cycle, but these are very close to my house so its easy to coordinate.

    Truth is, most yards around here in the summer could go to a 10-day cycle, but most customers don't care if its weekly, and that makes me more money.

    I've always looked at it as they are not just paying to have the grass cut, they are paying to keep their property looking sharp, so unless its really brown and fried to a crisp I try to cut it.

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