Time line for seeding/ hydro seeding

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by excell, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. excell

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    I have some jobs lined up to hydro seed and I'm wondering since the temps have been in the 90's is the window closing for seeding lawns?
  2. muddstopper

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    Since you are up north you will be using cool season grasses. This makes it tuff for new seedings. The grass will germinate with proper moisture but being agressive with fertilizers can/will cause fungus. For my summer hydroseeding I use no nitrogen in the hydroseeding slurry. The nitrogen feeds the fungus as well as the plant. The grass will responde well to follow up nitrogen after estabishment. Watering cycles are critical. Keeping the ground moist not soaked will cool the ground and germinate the seed but a drying out cycle is needed to help control fungus. Light frequent waterings are the best, it doesnt take long to dampen the ground and limit any watering between 6pm and 6am so the ground doesnt stay wet all night. Best results are watering the soil deeply before hydroseeding so that the ground contains enough moisture to enable you to limit the amount of moisture applied directly to the newly seeded area. You can soak the ground the day before seeding and then let the surface dry out enough to prevent working in mud the day of the seeding. The mulch will help trap the moisture in the ground helping keep the soil cool as well as providing extra moisture for the seed. This reduces the amount of irrigation needed and help prevent fungus from occuring.

    Followup fertilization can include nitrogen but should be limited to no more than 1/4 to 1/2 lb N per 1000sqft per month during the summer months. Forceing the turf to out grow its roots with heavy N applications will only increase the stress placed on the plant and increase the likelyhood of fungus occuring.
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    You can pretty mich seed any time.
    The problem now may be humidity.
    Thats what causes your fungus (pythium) wich will destroy a newly seeded lawn in a heartbeat.
    The mudstopper gave you good advice on watering.
    It is the single most important thing you can do after seeding.
    BTW nitrogen is not what aids in root development.
    It is phosphorous.
    Use a good starter fert (one with high middle numbers and low first number if you don't already know)
    I like to feed just as soon as the soil will hold my weight and the seedlings are germinating.
    Also if you are licensed, look into a product called DRIVE.
    Lesco sells it.
    It is a pre-emergent/post emergent weed control that you can mix with your seed.
    Keeps the weeds out and gives seedlings a better chance.
  4. snuddenstang

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    Wait untill Fall, less weeds
  5. soccer911

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    Can you hydroseed an exsiting lawn? and do you have to be certified to hydroseed?


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