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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by James Cormier, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. James Cormier

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    Alright maybe I jumped the gun a little saying I gonna buy on, I value all inputs here, I would love to find someone using it and talk with them in person.

    I went to Newgrows looking forward to meeting Tom Rich, and really picking his brain about the Z, Tom wasn't their, guess he stayed home :(

    I was 95% sure I was gonna replace one of my PG's with the z this spring, now I got 2nd thoughts. The overall size of the z really has me worried, even the smallest unit isn't under 36" I have a issue with that just because it wouldn't fit into my trailer, the way I carry my PG's as well as not fitting thru small gates. Thats not as big as an issue as not fitting into the trailer.

    Now the time machine, well Ive seen photos, thought it looked weird and look awkward to use, never thought about it again, until I saw it in person at the show. When you really look at it compared to the z its the same platform, just smaller. Same foot print as the PG's

    Now clearly this is a machine placed between the PG and the Z Spray. as a 95% residential operator this seems like the perfect comprised between those 2 platforms

    I love the idea the spreader is at a normal height, all the spreaders used on PG's and Z's are converted walkbehind spreaders but they are mounted much higher than they should be, I think that leads to uneven spread patterns, and issues with applying products on windy days. Although its not a lesco spreader, it is a 3-hole design just like lesco. There is no cable that opens the spreader, its a electric thingy, I realize that is just another thing to break, But i would rather take that chance then worry about cables loosening or moving.

    I like the booms in back, that way you don't run over what you just sprayed, not a big issue with weed control maybe, but huge if your spraying insects controls for surface feeders. Here is a issue I would like to speak with a user, my only concern is applicator's risk of exposure to the spray. 12 gallons gives you 48k in coverage.

    Overall I was pretty surprised by my liking of this machine, I wasn't even looking for it! The magnum is not a issue with me because PG will never get my money again, it maybe the best one yet, but I am not taking a chance. They had 2 chances with me and its over.

    I was really interested in the walk behind unit I hear Tom Rich is working on, but that seems to be a year away.

    I really think anyone in the market for either PG or Z should take a long hard look at this thing


  2. KLR

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    i agree with everything you say about the time machine. I had looked it over in the past and they have come up with some improvements. and as you mention, it is a go between the Z and the PG.
    I think it is worth serious consideration.

    Now, i had a long talk with the folks from Turfco ( i like their products, aerators/ sliceseeders) and they have a ride-on type of machine coming on the market either this fall or early next spring (they told me they will have it at this years GIE conference. I was told anything they sell goes thru a 3 tier developement. #1-design #2-put it in the hands of the end user for feedback #3-redesign to meet the specs of the trail run.
    they are currently in the final stage. It will fit thru 36"gates. lower center of gravity than the PG. Bigger motor than PG. And competively priced with PG.

    One thing i got excited about at NE Grows was this information.

    But i am this close to purchasing Gregson Clarks injection system ($2300) and go back to liquid apps. for this season, then check out the Turfco machine next year.

    Jim, I was talking to Rob S. and he told me how he just happened to be checking out the Z and looked over and seen your name tag. pretty funny i thought, small world
  3. slow release

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    I've been viewing lawnsite for awhile and finally joined. This is my first post. I use the Turf Tracker made by C&S Turf and it is in my opinion the best machine out there. Also have a Turf Tracker Jr. that has had numerous problems with wheel motors. The Time Machine looks alot like the jr. reconfigured and I wonder if they have beefed up the drive power. Just something to investigate further.
  4. green tec

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    You should buy one and let us know how it works.
  5. James Cormier

    James Cormier LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Ma
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    Scott, Im going to PM you with my phone number, if you can send it back to me I would like to talk with you about dealings with this company.

    I do understand this machine did replace their TTjr. but the wheel motors are not made by them, there pretty much the standard motors found on many hydro mowers....right?

    KLR, I glad you took a closer look, I was impressed, maybe more impressed because of my dissatisfaction with the pg's. I look forward to the turfco machine, hopefully there will be more machines to choose from in the future, which should weed out the inferior machines.

    From what I hear, Tom Rich is working on a walkbehind unit, Thats what I am really looking forward too.I miss walking,but I dont miss pushing a full spreader or making full pulls with hoses.

    I think Rob is stopping by the Old Stone world headquarters on his way out of dodge today, it was funny how we met.

    Green, Maybe that might just be the case, however I always have bad luck when Im the Guinea pig. If you buy one, I will be more then willing to take it for a few rounds just to see how she does :p
  6. I would like a quality walkbehind also

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