TIME REQUIRED to install/remove a mulch~kit???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Valk, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Valk

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    I'm wondering how much time it takes for you all with various 36" or 2-bladed mowers to install OR remove your mulch~kit accessory - IFF you use one?

    Am looking to buy a 36" & am considering a new Wright Stander RH/Sentar OR a new 36" dual hydro wb (with quick height adjusting)...and am thusly interested if the above conversion/accessory is worth purchasing and/or if it's worth the time needed to make the switch when necessary?

    Thanks for helping a (newb :rolleyes:) guy out!
  2. Scagguy

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    I have a Exmark TTHP with the mulch kit. I really haven't had the occasion to take it off, but it can be removed in 5 mins or so with the proper tools. I mulch year round so there's no reason to take it off. I wouldn't run any of my mower without a a mulch kit. They can save you a ton of time esp when doing leaf jobs.
  3. Roger

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    I have an Exmark Viking, 36" deck, hydro drive. I used it for several years, and then bought a mulch kit. Normally, I use discharge mode, but do limited bagging as well. I had one property that was difficult because keeping clippings from the beds was a challenge. And, it was too large and had so many clippings, bagging was not a good idea. So, I bought the mulching kit, with the intention of mounting/dismounting it before/after mowing this property.

    NO GOOD idea!

    The time was simply too long. It took about 20 minutes on the front side, and another 20 minutes on the back side. What is even more important is this mower is very light in the front. It is so light that taking out the caster shanks from their supports is enough to allow the machine to tip backward and stay, thus eliminating the need for a jack, or some other support under the front of the deck.

    After a few times (wanted to give myself a chance to "get familiar" and streamline the process), I ditched the idea. I did so for two primary reasons. First, the time element (added 40 minutes on a 1:10 job) was just too long. Secondly, the mulching kit did not work very well on this property. The cut was not smooth and the clippings were too heavy and mushed up to be left and not turn brown.

    In this case, I found that bagging was much the best of the three choices. If I discharged, I spent so much time trying to avoid spraying debris into the mulched tree circles and beds, and had to do a major bed cleanup afterward anyway. The result with the bagging was one I was satisfied with, unlike the mulching job. In these parts, nobody uses mulching kits on any w/b or ZTR, for any property -- fresh spring growth is just too much to make mulching practical.

    A long answer to your simple question -- time was too long for mounting/dismounting the mulching kit!

    I did try the mulching kit for leaves in the Fall, and it worked great. But, I had too many properties that I could discharge, and a few that needed bagging, so that also killed the mulch kit idea for the Fall.

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