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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Jul 2, 2003.

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    This is not exactly some great revelation....I;m sure many of you have done this but I thought I would offer it in case someone didn't think of it.
    I was forced to bag a few properties this spring with the hp52 vac system. Now that the grass has slowed down, I have left the bags on but took off the blower and chute so hopefully I can learn to stop banging into things with the hopper lid so when fall comes around I'll have it imprinted on my feeble brain that that wide thing is back there...anyway, I have a couple of large industrial properties that are waaaayyy far away from the parking lot. Normally I try and balance the trimmer, blower, 2 cycle gas, sometimes a hedge clipper , trimmer line, all in front of me as I drive to the further most point...needless to say this is a real hassle not to mention not real safe for me or the equipment. So...one day my brain is working and I put all this "stuff" in the 2 grass catcher bags. Man this works so good. Like I said this is not some great discovery on my part but I thought I'd pass it along for what its worth. Every little bit of time we I can shave off a job I try to do and this has helped

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