Time saving tips...


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What time saving tips have you learned in your experience to become more efficient in the following areas:

General Cleanup
Equipment/Vehicle maintenance
Leaf Raking
Account Management
Staying organized
Anything else not mentioned here...

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Pretty depressing to post a thread and get no replies. This is one of my favorite subjects. I try to eliminate any trips back to the rig. We have carts that carry most everything we would need for pruning and general plant maintenance Burlaps for the debris, loppers,topiary shears, hand saw, anchor box (we anchor vines to walls and homes) with cordless drill, plastic anchors, eyelets, tie tape, extra drill bits, glue and sticky anchors for no drill homes. Tree tie cable, a small irrigation box with a few emitters and goof plugs and a small hand trowel to fix small leaks. big rake, small rake, scoop shovel, small broom, weed popper and a 5-bucket. Sounds like a lot when its written down the guys know what they are going out to do and may leave some items and take others (like a ladder)but the anchor box and the irrigation box always go. If we are hedging over granite/rock mulch we put down burlaps to catch the majority of the debris. I also don't like to have my expensive guys loading debris, so they trim and leave burlaps and piles for the garden gnomes (labor) to pick up. Each position has a defined set of tasks that they are responsible for and they are trained before they begin work. The gnome gig is about a three hour class. I have others but not all day to write if you are having specific issues I would be happy to let you know our procedures. Its not a perfect system but it is a system, and its a lot better now than it was 3 years ago. And the guys don't always follow it to a tee but I believe it has saved us time and raised the quality of our work. Systems will save you time, we are all creatures of habit just teach em a better habit.


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To stay organised I use a week to an opening diary and enter all of my regular jobs for the year into it.
When new work comes along it is easy to check your work load and vacancies in your schedule and fill them or tighten it up to fit in the extra jobs.
It is easy having it all laid out in front of you, I usually start a new diary in December and fill it out for the full year, allowing for public holidays and my annual break.
Machinery wise, run a routine maintenance schedule, I do my air cleaning every Sunday morning, oil and grease your machines regularly, I've got an air compressor and blow all dirt and debris out of machinery, especially fins on engines etc.
Regular blade sharpening and replacement ensures you always have machines ready for the job at hand.
As soon as machines become unreliable I replace them with new ones, as down time for repairs costs you earnings.
Allow a weekly amount for maintenance and machinery replacement is a separate account and then you have funds for replacement needs.
Work ethic is important, always be reliabe and arrive on the job the day and time you say you will be there. If you can't make it on time, notify the client.
Happy customers tell their friends and this generates more work for you.
Hope these few tips are helpful.