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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Stihl036pro, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Hello, I am thinking of purchasing TimeScape by Modeco Systems. I want to see if any other companies are using this method of time keeping. It requires the use of scanners and bar codes for each customer. I have in the spring time about 4 to 5 employees and it is very hard to keep track of everything that we do and the hours that the guys spend on each property. I send them out with time sheets but I get them back with info that is not always accurate. I want to be more organized next spring. Does anyone use this method of time keeping. I spoke with the rep at Modeco and it sounds really great. It always sounds great when someone is trying to sell you something. Thanks for your help....
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    I have been in the installation end of landscape / sod for almost 10 years and had almost the same problems you are having but with more employees. I am trying to get into management now that construction has taken a severe down turn.

    With that said I have bought several programs to try to manage this. I would suggest looking into qxpress at qxpress.com. They have a demo verision that you can use up to 5 customers. They also you allow to rent the software so that you can pick the version you need as well as not have the upfront cost. Not sure if they have a scanner for their software but I not think you need would it with this program.

    It allows you to print route list for each day in order for each customer with spots for the times they arrive and for what they do. I have been using this sytem since this spring and love it. It also automaticly syncs with quickbooks. Some programs say they do but this built to work directly with quickbooks

    Also it is your company to run but if my guys did not do what I told them they would enjoying a couple of days unpaid vacation or looking for a new job. Do you have crew leaders?
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    I would have to say that it has taken me about 3/4 quarter's of the year to find a group of workers that work well together. I have a crew leader now that has a good attitude and enjoys what he does for a living. After finding one really good guy I would not have it any other way. My job is so much easier. The standard on hiring employee has been raised a lot. I don't think the guys I had in the spring and summer would be considered crew leaders. They were more like just plain grunts. I am pissed at my self for not realizing this before. It is hard to find someone that actually can run a crew with your business in his best interest. With that being said, The Time Scape program will track the true operating cost and give me a detailed report of what time was spent where. I think that is crucial for running a business to its full propental. Nobody on the site uses that program? How does everyone track there employees time. If you do have them fill out job sheets for each job? Do you use the job sheets just for billing proposes. or does it actually get record for time. Keep in mind that my business is mostly maintenance and a lot of mowing. Thanks
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  5. There are a couple of ways of use qxpress. I have it on PDA's and they check off when they arrive on the job and leave the job and it time stamps them. They mark the job complete r not and you plug the pda's in at night and it will auto sync to qxpress.

    Qxpress also will automaticly figure the cost of your job by a combination things. Like winshield time for example it will figure the cost of travel time between jobs, the time on each job, and or the day.

    If you have it on your cell phone pda you can also have the information sent to your computer automaticly after each job or at certian times. I am not that adavanced yet but as I expand my bis 3 hours away in hot springs I will have that set up as well

    You can do the same thing with the printed sheets you just have to enter the times and mileage when they get in. I like to just uploading it.

    to go to quickbooks you just complete you invoices for the day and hit post to quickbooks everything else pretty much autosyncs when you open qxpress and quickbooks up.

    The great thing is you can demo it for as long as you want up to using 5 customers and rent it for as long as you want in the full version. Thats how we decided what version to get.

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