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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by meets1, Jul 9, 2006.

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    I am trying to track my crews time based upon accounts mowed, landscape completion projects, bush trimming etc. With that I would like to know guys times / job, milage to and from shop to job to dump back to job to reload back to shop for the day type of thing.

    I have tried in the past but guys ended writing in more time than they actually were clocked in for. Milage certainly did not work out cuz at the end of the day they either put on 2 miles or 350 miles. I think I need a simple form process to just simplify the process to track each task better. For those with this type of proceedure in place - what do you do, how do you do it and what can ya tell me about it that works for you
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    Just have them fill out a time sheet with times from one job to another and the times spent there as well along with mileage at beginning of day to end of day with a description of what they did at each stop. Not a hard request and after all, you are the boss.
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    You need something like the attached pdf.

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    I have a similar worksheet for my guys but if what you have tried forms in the past did'nt work it is unlikely a different form will help.

    I have friends in the industry that use Gps on their trucks and it does what you want, the question is how much is the info worth to you? You have to buy the units and then pay for the ongoing service.
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    We use the forms for the crews and input times into QXpress daily. Information has helped to determine which jobs are profitable. The crews fill out time in and time out at all jobs. Employee initals the task they performed (accountability). It requires a demanding production manager (YOU) to enforce time sheets are filled out. But, if that is a job requirement it should be done.

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