Time spent for solo ops?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by fulltime, May 16, 2007.

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    Just curious how long it takes the solo operators with professional commercial equipment to knock out a 1/4 acre size property...mow, trim, edge and blow? I recently started spreading the word about my plans for next year and in a weeks time I've gotten several phone calls asking if i could start this year. I told them all no since I don't want to buy any equipment until the fall when I can get it cheap. (I hope) All of the callers want me to stop out this fall and do an estimate so I want to make sure I am estimating correctly as to how many 1/4 acre properties I can do in a day.

    As a solo operator how much are you spending monthly just for fuel?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Tom c.

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    Theres alot of variables involved in your question. 1 What size equipment will you be using? 2 Will there be gates to deal with? 3 How tightly will it be routed? I use a 36in W/B and a 21 IN. and a small Z, the 36 and 21 get the most use for now. The Z gets used on larger accts a couple days a week. I cut part time and I can usually do 4 lawns in about 3-4 hrs. These are primarily 5-7k sg ft. Sometimes you cant get the 36 into the gates. You might want to consider getting a 32in mower and a larger one. I know some of the full time guys on here can do 12 to 15+ a day. As per gas usage again it goes back to routing and how much stuff your pulling. Hope this helps good luck!!:waving:
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    Ok, I run either a 52" or 60" Hustler Super Z depending on how
    I'm feeling that particular day. For a typical 1/4 acre an experienced guy can put down a good cut in about 5 minutes with those machines. Trim the property (a normal, not obstacle filled yard) and edge and blow in another 15 minutes. Total time less than 20 minutes. I think it all depends on your skill and experience. I'm sure plenty of people like to spend a lot more time on the job. However, if it is not indicative to the job, it simply isn't necessary.
    2 man crew 10 minutes.

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