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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by larz, Apr 28, 2004.

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    Hey everybody,
    I have been out of the industry for about 15 years, but a partner & I have decided to get back in. In the past I have aided the Companies I worked for in maintenance bidding. I would of course measure everything, then we would multiply all the figures with TIME TABLES, thus calculating total man hours X visits X man hour rate. Anyway, I'm sure I could come with my own time tables with enough time, but we would like to get started right away. I'm not looking for anyones man hour rate, just maybe the following:
    Push mower> time per sq ft
    Mid mow> time per sq ft
    edge> time per lin ft
    w-eat> time per lin ft
    blower> time per lin ft
    weeding> time per sq ft
    These numbers should look like, .002, .0019, .0125, I would really appreciate any help, but please, serious help only, I will know bogus numbers when I see them.

    I also remember the annual contracts requiring a 1 month advance payment, though by most of the post in this forum, I gather that most of you no longer do this?

    I do have about 12 years of experience & have been glad to help here whenever I can.
    Thanks in advance, Larry
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    blowing after mowing-5min 1000 lft
    edging-first time-20min 100 lft
    edging-reedging-3min 100 lft
    21" Push-7500 sqft upto 11300 sqft per hour
    36" walker-14200 sqft upto 28500 sqft per hour
    60" rider 23,000 sqft upto 118,800 sqft per hour
    all mowing sqft are based on the ground speed of the mower
    string trimming-edge of 5000sqft in 5 min
    hand weeding shrub beds-3-9min per 100 sqft based on amount of weeds from light growth to heavy growth.

    these figures are from a labor time data handbook by philip c. nilsson.

    chech out the topic books under this thread or bbs topic
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    I don't see that handbook though, I must be stupid or blind?
    Oh well, this helps alot sir, appreciate it.
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  5. larz

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    your welcome- i hope this helps
  7. kamor4

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    has anyone purchased these books?
    I was wondering if you think these time data books have accurate time information? I think they are a great place to start. but I think you still need to make your own time data information
    with your own equipment, your own work habits, etc.

    you need to measure and time everything you do, so that when your asked to bid on a job you have your own time data.

    time data
    material cost
    equipment cost overhead
    business overhead
    profit margin
    and you have the necessary information for your bid

    I don't belive you should just pick a hourly figure like $35.00 per hour or what ever. You need to know what each job is costing your in time (the time data info) you need to know that you can replace your equipment when the time comes to do that (What is the time expectation on your equipment) what is the maintenance cost per equipment. This includes all equipment-Truck, trailer, mower, weedwackers, blowers, hedge trimmers, edgers, etc. etc.

    what is your overhead-phone, advertising, bookkeeping, insurances, fuel, office space, ansering service, etc. etc.

    what are your material cost-materials, how much time does it take you to pick up the materials, do you have to buy more than your going to use because of avalible volume?

    Rental equipment- cost, pick up, fuel

    profit margin what can you get away with?

    I started out just trying to find out if anyone else has purschased these books?

    I got a little long winded
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    Your exactly right, but seem to have missed the point. All the extra overhead is pretty much a given. I Certainly don't pay myself or my employees what I charge the customer, the extra goes to overhead. And yes different services warrant different rates as well, you've got that right. Also I figure we will learn pretty quickly weather to alter the given figures, in order to match our equipment & speed. But truely, I remember using time tables for bidding, for some of the largest companies in landscaping & maintenance. (Maintain Incorporated, Lamberts, Natural Environments & Plantcare - all in the DFW area) But it has been years since I had used any of these figures, but my partner & I wanted to get started right away. I appreciate the availability of these figures & this forum, as you said it is a great place to start. Even if you have been in business for several years, bidding by some other means (guesstimating?), I really think time tables compiled by other proffesionals, tested repeatedly, could help any company. Lets face it there are a lot of goofballs out there, lowballing every job they bid (a kid recently told me he was mowing 3 acres for $45 - Geez!). We intend to charge a fair rate for proffesional service, but every customer wants something unique, and aids like this allow us to at least bid a project with some convidence of making a profit, that is of course, if some jackass is not lowballing the bid against us. Anyway, I don't mean you Kamor & I thank you for your response. Try em' you may find some usefull info, or if you have been at it for a while maybe not, then again...
  9. kamor4

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    I don't believe i missed the point. I said these book where a great place to start. I own both of these books and have used them. I was just asking if anyone else owned these books and if they think the time data is correctly listed in the books. Then I stated my opion that each and everyone preforming this type of work should keep detailed records of what they do and how long it takes them to do it.
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    Kamor, Kamor, no offense dude, I thank you profusely, we will do everything exactly as you do, you are the king. Really I appreciate all your help, lets move on, this post has become a bit long in the tooth & we could pick at each other until doomsday.

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