time to change tl 130 tracks

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by SunriseGardens, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. AWJ Services

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    Mine are coming out but the tracks have 1200 hours. I would think it is a defective track.
  2. Digdeep

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    How worn are your sprockets? Sprockets that are too worn will try to twist the bars in the track and pull them out.
  3. excav8ter

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    Swanny ....those tracks look worse than mine did with over 1200 hours of pretty heavy use. I assume your sprockets are in good shape and track tension is correct?

    The "bars" embedded in my tracks actually split in half because they were worn down so bad. But none of them ever came out.
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  4. swanny

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    the entire machine had 180ish hrs. on it..sprockets looked new. I've never have seen this before with OEM tracks with this low of hrs.. I think the rubber must have been a bad mix because the machine certainly wasn't abused. It happened shortly after I sold it to a man in Manitoba, so I wasn't the one it happened to. I credited him money to put towards his replacement tracks (went with Camoplast).

    I met another guy who welded studs onto his bars when they pulled out of his track (TL150) and bolted them through the top of the track, much like a larry lug in a cat track. Said they held up just fine. He was able to increase the life of many a set of tracks this way as he was very hard on them...got maybe 500 hrs. out of a set of OEM tracks.
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  5. turboawd

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    what was the guy using his machine for? that is very strange to tear the lugs off like that.
  6. SunriseGardens

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    Well, I squeaked by last year with my old tracks. I knew that I needed undercarriage parts too, and late last winter there was no mo money so, I crossed my fingers and made it one more year. Here are some pics of my old stuff.

    old tracks.jpg
  7. SunriseGardens

    SunriseGardens LawnSite Member
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    Undercarriage parts new vs. old you can see the difference in width of the rollers....

  8. SunriseGardens

    SunriseGardens LawnSite Member
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    New tracks and Undercarriage. I replaced 7 rollers (one was only 2 yrs old) one sprocket (one had dimensions of new) and all of the idlers, front and back. The job only took a couple of days at winter speed....

    I ordered the tracks, 4 rollers, and sprockets from Midwest Equipment on EBAY.
    (They did not have idlers available for the TL 130) The rollers were excellent from here, they came with new bolts and hardware. Pay the extra $20.00 per roller.

    The Idlers, and remaining rollers I ordered from CIS Quality Parts from EBAY. The rollers were a pain in the ass. They did not come with bolts and the bolt hole threads were the wrong pitch or there was too much crap in the hole for the old bolts to thread in. Anyways I had to go to Fastenal and get a tap to clean the threads so that I could use my original hardware - wasted a afternoon figuring that one out.

    new tracks.jpg
  9. Mark13

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    I see you're not far from me, have you had a chance to try the new style tracks out in the snow yet and see how they do compared to the factory style?
  10. SunriseGardens

    SunriseGardens LawnSite Member
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    Yes, they are much better in the snow and ice. With the old tracks I would hit icey spots and slip, but this aggressive tread pattern seems to grind down to the driveway and doesn't slip at all. Very happy so far.

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