time to cut 300 lawns?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stonemason, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. stonemason

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    looking for hours needed. all the same size (1700 sq ft) front yard is 1/3 back is 2/3. flat, no trees, no trimming, no load/unload time, all in a 3 mile radius (i will just drive mower around). will be using 60" z (whichever brand will be fastest, maybe a dixie chopper?) On paper it looks like i could get them done in about 22 hours (solo)....seem possible?
  2. procut

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    300 lawns in 22 hours. Thats about 4.5 minutes per lawn. Good luck with that.
  3. LwnmwrMan22

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    If your measurements are right, and your number of houses is on, then that's
    roughly 10.5 acres.

    Most mowers say you can mow, what, 3-4 acres conservatively in an hour?

    10.5 acres, should be about 10 hours worth of work, if all you're doing is driving around blowing grass all over everything.
  4. Duramax99

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    What about weedeating and blowing?? no time for those things.
    Your not going for quality are you??
  5. marko

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    4.5 min per lawn with no interuptions, refueling, breaks, and unforseen repairs. I think your light on your hours. Plan on 7 min a yard? 35 Total hours would be safe. Make sure and let us know after you cut once or twice how long it took. Good info for the future.
  6. Roger

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    Am I missing something? 1/3 is in back, say 600 sq ft, 2/3 in front, say 1200 sq ft, right (give/take a little)? You don't mention the shape, but 600 sq ft is, at least in square shape, a bit more than 25 ft on a side. And, you are mowing an area this small with a 60" mower...? Is this right? Is this a practice followed in your area -- it surely wouldn't work in my neighborhoods. My customers require hand mowers for areas 5,000 sq ft, one area, not the entire lot.

    Maybe I've missed something....
  7. jbell113

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    Surely there is a few properties out of 300 homes that have gated back yards that the 60" mower will not go thru. Besides you cant just mow and go to become a reputable LCO you have to edge trim and blow. Imagine what these properties will look like with grass all out in the street, driveway and patios. You better run your numbers again and take these into consideration.
  8. Mower For Less

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    Where did you get 300 lawns all at once!???

    A 3 mile radius is 6 miles in diameter. at 10 mph, it would take you over half an hour just to drive from one side to the other, assuming you dont get any traffic tickets (there has to be a main road somewhere in those 6 miles). What if you run out of gas, or need to respool a trimmer? I think you should move the truck a few times during the day so the walk isnt to far back. Have 1 guy move it while the others keep working down the road is what I would do.

    I think the traveling time is going to eat up alot more time than you are anticipating. I think if you ran a 3 man crew (1 mower, 1 trimmer & blower, 1 edger & blower) that you might be able to knock them out in about 5-7 minutes per house, but I would also allow an average travel time of 3 minutes per house say, that would take you up to 10 minutes per house average. Thats 150 man hours by my calculation. And you should add a few hours for mower maintenance, trimmer respooling, refueling all equipment, etc... which will happen many times over 50 hours (50x3).If you can do it in less, that's great, but I wouldnt bid any less.

    I have some areas where I have 5 or 6 houses all in a row, and let me tell you it is more tiring to me than doing 2 or 3 and driving to a new area to do another 2 or 3, my times arent much different. The same scenery all day long can be monotonous and tiring (read:low productivity and moral).


  9. Precision

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    I assume this is some type of HOA. If you can do them as a unit then your time will be greatly decreased. If you are mowing one lawn at a time, figure on the rest of your life to get done.
  10. The LawnSmith

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    Better have a porta potty on your trailer....... :cool2:

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