Time to evict a neighbor/tenant?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by PicturePerfectLawns, Jul 22, 2014.

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    Anyone ever had a tenant that you had trouble with or have you had trouble with a neighbor over parking wars?

    The story, we have a duplex property (we own both sides.) We have a tenant that has been with us for nearly 10 years. We had another tenant renting on the other side, until recently we moved into the other side, due to relocating back to Austin. Now our tenant on the other side has been a good neighbor, although he's late on the rent each and every month, we always get paid. Lately he's had an attitude and hasn't had much to say at all. The tenant has a large open trailer and a large boat, (which we don't mind), but we asked him to leave one parked in the fenced in back yard, and no issue with one in the drive-way. We just did huge amounts of lawn renovation to improve our property value, and now we walk out our door to see the truck lined with riding mowers, a trailer, a large boat, a truck, backed all the way to the road. (Lined down the whole driveway) past the city's sidewalk. Not only is it hindering our property and landscaping, it's increasing crime risk, all these items mentioned above block the view to our lawn, garage, and front door, which give us something else to worry about. Then the major problem comes, the way our cove is situated, the street isn't very wide. To get out of the driveway with my long trailer, I have to go onto the neighbors property across the street, back-back up, then turn around just to get out of my drive-way with the long trailer because there's not enough room to simply swing around a boat, trailer, and truck all the way into the road, with another vehicle of the neighbors parked on the street across the street. I had words with him about it this morning and he persisted on telling me "he has the right to park them in the drive-way" because they are registered.

    Now I'm trying to be reasonable, but it's just un-acceptable. You can't drive a boat and a trailer at the same time. He's being un-fair to his land-lord, his neighbor, and my wife. I don't want to get myself in a hole, being that legally he is allowed to park them there, what would be the best situation to go about this if he continues not to be reasonable? Should I evict him for late rent, raise the rent prices for depreciation of property value?
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    It's your property not his right?

    You're property your rules. Tell him to stop being an *******
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    Do you have a rental agreement? It should have a clause about how many vehicles can be parked there (as most cities have a statute about that anyways) or at least about keeping the property from looking like a parking lot
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    The real estate market in Austin is red hot right now. I suspect you can rent that property to someone else quickly. I'd tell the guy to shape up or ship out.

    Does he have a lease? Is he month-to-month or on a fixed term? If he has a lease, read it carefully to see what you need to do (notices, etc.) to terminate it. If he's month-to-month, you have to give him at least a month's notice that you are terminating the lease.
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    It would be very easy to find another renter in our market. The only reason I haven't already, is because he's been good for so long. (We both do lawncare / landscaping) except with the fact that I'm full time and he's part time / retired military. We've always helped each other out from day one, he helps me work on the mowers, I help him with his. We share tools. We share hands. Heck, I've even went to help him do his few properties when his equipment went down so he could keep his customers and I gave him half of the pay just because he's an old fellow. He's always slow on rent. We raised the rent last year due to the demanding market here in Austin and that made him even slower on rent. I keep helping him out. We (NEVER) have any issues and always get along, until today. I think he has a little jealousy or envy in him, he see's me come in with new equipment day in and day out. I'm sure he got upset when we sodded our side of the property last year and didn't do that side of the property. But I mean come on, he doesn't want me to do his lawn, he likes to do it himself he says. And he hardly takes care of what he has, cuts it every two weeks if we're lucky and never waters. I refused to put down zoysia on that side unless I knew it was going to be mowed weekly and watered. Now I think he hates the fact of what we did to our lawn. I believe he's two sided, or has mood spells. Today he had an attitude, other times he's fine, sometimes he just seems cranky, but he has never came at me sideways until today. He flat out told me, this is my driveway, I pay for it, and I can park my registered boat and trailer here. We have him on month to month, because and it has been that way for almost a decade. I enlightened him of the rules around here today and laid them down for him. The driveway isn't long enough to fit a 14 ft trailer, a large boat, and his truck on his side. His truck sticks out to the road, (past the sidewalk.) He said he was abiding by all the rules and laws and simple enough he wasn't. You can't park past the side-walk. The side-walk is the right-away and has to be clear. Now the boat is all the way to the garage, the trailer is all the way to the boat, the truck is all the way against the trailer, and your truck is past the sidewalk. What does that mean? There's not enough room and you can't legally park it there. I offered a simple solution, FIX IT, or I have the city come down here and take care of the problem. He fixed it. It wouldn't be such a big deal, but the large boat puts a risk at theft, because it hides the entrance to our garage at night-time. Not only that, with all the "junk" out there it depreciates the property value and appearance on our side. We keep the lawn up VERY NICELY, the driveways, sidewalks, and building power-washed, outdoor furniture organized and looking nice, the landscaping nice, it just wasn't right for me to keep putting up with it without something being done.
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    I think I'd sit down with him on a lazy Sunday afternoon, hand him a beer and have a nice heart to heart with him, and explain that you don't want to kick him out but he's got to shape up.

    If he continues to cop an attitude, then you probably don't have much choice. Maybe he'll open up about what's eating him. He's obviously got a bug up his a$$ about something.

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