Time to get commercial accounts NOW?


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I just saw a post by Lawrence Stone that indicated he thought now was the time for putting bids in on commercial properties. I was planning on doing this in December. Is now the time or should I wait? The way I plan to do is just go knock on doors.



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It depends, I guess. Are you going to bid it for a year round account, or just the Spring through Fall maintenance? I usually don't put out proposals until mid January to March. It seems all the early ones get shuffled to the bottom or become "stale" to the new ones that arrive fresh in the Spring. Unless you are plowing snow too, Now would be an excellent time for that.


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hay Runner

you say you put out proposals could you give us a little more detail. like do you go see a place you want and just give a proposal, or do are these places you are already servicing? i like alot of others here i think are trying to learn from you guys so details are great.



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Lawnworks, All we do is commercial accounts. Everything depends on the business itself. You cant say your going to place bids just in jan or march ect... Because alot of these businesses close their books out in sept or oct. and they want the bids before then so they can figure their operating expenses or budget for the next year. So start beaten on those doors now and ask when their bid deadline is and get it there that week so your paper work doesnt get lost and that does happen like the other post said. Good Luck!!!!


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Every business is different. Some are organized (scary) and want the bids in early, others (most it seems) leave it until the last possible moment. If you see a property that you want to do, drop in or call and ask.
I like to talk to people at the end of the season, because the problems that they encountered with their current service (if any) will be fresh in their minds still. Winter can make people forget a lot!


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