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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jpauly, Apr 21, 2003.

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    Hello all! I am new to this forum. Been in business for about a year and have had a succesful run. I have had no problem landing residential accounts with my newspaper add. I am just wondering what it would take to get to the next level. I am currenly mowing residenses in my area and would like to get into larger commercial accounts that would require larger equipment. Any reccomendation/thoughts on how to go about searching and landing the commercial accounts?

    TIA, Joe
  2. There is a reason you had a great start with the resi, There is not 2000 jokers going after them......

    How many posts do you think some person asks how do I get commercial accounts. "Oh I am tired of the resi and I want commercial account" well Welcome to the world of even more cut throat and dog eat dog, and multiple stabs in the back, Do you think that the commercial accounts are better and have more money to them? You are sadly mistaken.

    Brickman does commercial only at the expensive hourly rate of $20 a man hour.

    Have a nice day, stick where the good money it at, not the volume money is at.

    P.S. I bid 3.5 million dollars in commercial accounts last fall I closed on less than I have fingers on my hand.
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    Also, you might have to have some capitol to land them. What happens if a big commercial property tells you "you've got the job if you can start tomorrow......we need 200 yards of mulch put out." That would cost you in the 1000's to front.

    Do a search on this subject & you'll see guys talking about what LGF mentions (including LGF himself plenty of times).
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    Beware.....commercial properties are very "cut-thort" this means you have to be a people person, and know what these property managers want to hear. Also many commerical accouts get bid lower because there are so many people that what them, and alot of these people don't know how too bid them....:cool:
  5. That happened to me on an account that took 3000 (three thousand) yards of mulch for the first mulching

    Good thing I have a line of credit with my supplier.

    I am not going to steer you wrong, the money is there, you just have to do volumes of work to the resi.

    I thought I won the rest of the account also, but while muching Brickman pulled up to mow.

    I beat them out on the mulch bid, but they killed me on the rest.

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