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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by stslawncare, Apr 11, 2002.

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    hey guys, the plant area is one that im not familier with yet however working on learning greatly, a year or two ago i worked at a nursery when i was just starting, do to moving i had to quit, last weekend i bought a huge book that i will read. anyways my one landscape only customer wants me to purchase a large quantity of plants for her and plant (good money). Right now im looking on finding the best place to buy at, we have two nurseries local but they are small, one not to far that im looking into, and 2 large ones about 30 minutes to an hour away. i looked up some of the plants to get familier with them, however couldnt find out all them, customer just named plants and how many she wants, she is familier with some, and so am i, what im looking for is do these plants come in flats (the square trays with little pots) or come in individual pots? how many flats or pots am i looking at for each one? anyone locally have a ballpark price? im guessing im better off going to the large nursery? or is this to small of an amount for there? the two nurseries are Ronnies in Smyrna DE and Conards in Westgrove PA (they have other locations).
    number in () is number of plants she wants

    Blue Fringed Daisies (15)
    Bold Painted Daisies (15)
    Alaskan Shasta Daisies (10)
    Yellow Perfection Viola (15)
    Purple Pansies (10)
    Yellow Marigolds (55)
    Pink Petunias (35)
    Crocus (15)
    Orchids (35) (she didnt say what kind)
    Cloth of Gold (3)
    Clustered Bellflower (3)
  2. stslawncare

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    want to bring this to the top, how many plants per pot or flat, and how many flats or pots per each plant (for the number of plants that i stated), how about a overall price or even better per plant, just ballpark.
    thanks for your help,
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    some of your list are perennials. If you walk into a typical wholesale garden center, you can expect to pay wholesaw of $2 a quart, 4.50 for a gallon, and then up for larger sizes.

    Its not all that big of a order, so you really aren't going to get a discount for quatity.

    The rest of your list is annuals. That again will change. Most places will sell flats in a range of 3 for $12. Sizes and quantities are going to vary between centers.

    If you are ambitious, you could try and find a grower. They will be much cheaper. For example, If I go down to south jersey I can pick up 3 gal perenials for around $3.75 ea. A big price difference. However, unless I'm getting a really big order of planning on going down and buying a truck load to stockpile for future jobs/ or share a order with other contractors, its hard to justify the trip.

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    Are there garden variety orchids in DE? Around here they are tropical houseplants, very expensive and not bought 35 at a time. They have very specific environmental needs that aren't generaly served in most residential gardens.
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    i believe she has a type of orchid already ill investigate that, i know i usually see them in like terraniums and stuff.

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