Time to purge?!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Kitman, Jun 3, 2018.

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    During the growing years, we took on pretty much anything. We were worse then the girl turning tricks on the corner. Once we had full routes, we refined our business and focused on high end work. This practice purged out a lot of people as we naturally increased prices with the better work. As people left due to being cheap, they were usually quickly replaced with high end cliental that we wanted. Once we completely changed the business to high end residential work in high end residential neighborhoods, we then focused on purging the annoying customers. The dog sh*t everywhere house, the late payers, the constant nagging, the always leaving crap in our way, you get the idea. We would purge the worse 10% every year. Didn't care if they were part of a grouping of houses or not. We had a waiting list at this point and still do. Sometimes the purgee, would change what we hated about them and they remained our customer, sometimes they would just move on. Nothing personal, it's just business. Today, we have an amazing route of amazing customers. Couldn't ask for better people. I feel bad for all the people on here that struggle with the problems they have but you have to get out from under them.

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