Time to replace OTT steel track. Which to Buy

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by joec2127, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. mxridernorth

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    The McLaren Diamonds provide decent enough flotation. I was helping moving mud around out at the motocross track when it was first getting built in the early spring, and my little 753 couldn't be stopped.

    The one negative that I could see with full rubber is the increased axle load when the tracks get loaded with mud. The bar style don't suffer from that problem. But don't even entertain the idea of doing a graceful turn on turf.
  2. davidhoy.pt

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    I too am interested in a set of OTT tracks this spring. You see the main 2 a lot: Grouser and Loegering. What about some of the more economical tracks you often see on EBAY: Prowler, "Component Plus Tracks", "Affordable Skid Steer Tracks?" Spec sheet wise and the descriptions make them seem to be a very good value for the price. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.
  3. skidsteer

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    Yes see 4 th post. We have had great sucess with the Components PLus aka Tracks Plus Line. Cost around $0.65 per operating hour and are very easy to install and remove. Bolt together design, lots of adjustment and easy component changes, not that you will need to. You can get 2 sets for the price of Grousers, no need to rebuild them, just run them 1500 to 1800 hours and replace them with another new set.
  4. hillboy

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    I looked thru the cheaper eBay OTTs as well and like the Radmeister track - looks very much like the Grousers and the McLaren Protrac Diamond, but are cheaper. Obvioulsy lesser duty, but still look well built.
  5. swanny

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    I've used several pairs of the economical traction tracks (chain style) and they work well. A little hard to install without the wishbone tool.

    These ( http://tractiontracks.com/store/ ) are better/superior (alloy light weight chain...220 lbs a pair vs. 500 lbs.) than the ones made in Indiana by Eel River (transport chain). They both sell on Ebay.

    I actually picked up a set on Craigslist that had never been used...just a little surface rust....for a hundred bucks the other week. Guy wanted them out of his garage.

    Had a JD 240 with traction tracks and it actually out pulled a Takeuchi TL126 track machine.

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