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what is the earliest time that you start up your equipment in the morning? Is this question based on the amount of dew or being mindful of the neighbors or perhaps a little of both. Is 7am to early?


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I've often wondered the same thing,pines,because this will be my first full season in the landscaping business.I doubt if most customers would mind us starting at 7:00 a.m.,especially while school is in session.I'll probably ask permission,though,if I plan to come to someone's home that early.
Since most of my mowers have mulching blades I would prefer to wait until the dew burns off before doing any cutting but sometimes you just have to cut it wet.
Hopefully,we'll be so busy we can't worry about any of that.Good luck.


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Middle TN
We usually get to the shop by 7:00 and check & load the equipment, grab some breakfast from a convience store somewhere (Wawa) on the way and will be at the first job by 8:00. This way it's not too early and the dew isn't too bad. Plus I'm not a moring person. :)


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Some cities have noise regulation. You can not start a machine before so-and-so hour in the morning. I usually try to start out of the city limits around 7 and work my way in as the morning goes on. Be sure you make sure before the neighbors call on you and you get a fine. Once started in a neighborhood at 7:50am and when I got back to my truck one of the neighbors had left a nice little note on the windshield that said I don't think you should strat mowing in a residentual area before 8:eek:oam. Boy was I hot over 10 min. but that is the way they are in the burbs. I'm sure they would have called the police if I started before 8am anymore. I didn't test it always kept a close eye on the clock after that.