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Time Tracking Systems

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JeffY, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. JeffY

    JeffY LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 324

    We currently have the 'old' timeclock machines for the employees to use to clock in and out during the day. We are wanting to take our operation further by going with hand-held time clock systems for PDA's and laptops. What we want to achieve is for the division leaders to have the PDA's and laptops. The employees then report to their division leader to clock in and same to clock out. I can find plenty of software to do that, but to make it a little more difficult, I'm also looking to use that information for small and large scale projects.

    For example, employee 1 would report to his division crew leader. The crew leader then would clock him in, thus starting his hours towards the first project of the day. When all have arrived, the crew leaves for the project and CL (crew leader) notes the time left shop and arrive at project for more accurate estimating down the road. The CL can also note in when certain aspects of the job gets started and done such as demolition, planting, mulching, etc.. Materials aren't a high priority to be tracked as time as we use a separate software for that, but if it's able to be combined would be helpful. The same procedure is followed if another project is scheduled for later that day so that project is tracked properly.

    The software would have to be able to be networkable so employee 1 can clock in with his division crew leader, but if they move to another crew in the day, then that divisions crew leader must be able to clock him out. At the end of the day/week, the PDAs/laptops would have to be synced to a central server via some means to combine all data into one central database. It would need to be compatiable with QuickBooks.

    This probably seems way too much work for a company to utilize, but if the crew leaders are trained on it, it would cut out inaccurate invoices and cut down CL down time to do paperwork as it's already be done throughout the day. But if you guys know of anyone that uses something like this or of a company that has something similiar to this, let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

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