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    Does any write down the time they spent servicing a customer. Im thinking of writing dowmn my times because they are never the same each week. If Im a little slow I tend to spend extra time so when I book solid I stay caught up and run through the accounts pretty fast. All my yards stay looking great, I just want to be able to justify a hurried day by saying last week I spent x amount of time and everything is done an looking good.
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    My gohper software allows me to print out all my jobs for the week and on the sheet it has a start & finish time and ive been good about filling out the times it helps keep an eye on the time spent on an account... Timed saved = More $$$$
  3. Reassurance Property

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    we write down the time to the minute. This way you can also ask your guys why it took so long or so short to do a job, or time between jobs!
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    I have an Armitron sports watch, it has a chronometer (stop watch) function.
    I use it all the time, almost every job the ticker is running, helps me stay on top of stuff and reminds me of what's really going on, too.

    Doing this has helped me spot more than a few problem areas (over the years) I might not have noticed otherwise.
    Stupid $20 dollar watch, they sell them at Wal-Mart, I get the rubber armband shock and water proof one.
    The metal arm band ones don't last and the clips come open with the work, the cloth armband ones get stinky lol.
    They last a good year or two, wear it 24-7 it don't come off my arm, this one I'm wearing now has 3-4 years wear on it.
    It does have a couple of cracks and a piece or two missing by now, but it's a good solid watch.

    Armitron All-sport it says on the back, M525 could be the model, maybe 40/6769 serial, or the other way around.
    Anyhow, definitely sports, in the extreme direction, think Olympics and Decathlons, tough stuff takes a licking keeps on ticking.

    Also comes in handy for timing estimates and chit chat sessions.
  5. larryinalabama

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    anyone else
  6. meets1

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    I do it but not weekly. Say this week, short meeting and tell the guys we need time sheets. Mowing only here - time loading, getting extra's, drive to and from and incluide miles, say I left with 2 so to the first account it is 3, then to next account it is 3.2, so I tell them to figure each yard from time you leave truck to time they are loaded.

    I also spot check gas. Once this week, then 3 weeks from now. I then average them together and see where things are / month or / job etc.

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