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cincinnati area
I got a question for you all who deal in the residential side of the business. I know alot of variables go into this question, but on average, how long does it take you all to cut, trim, and blow a half acre to one acre lots.

I'm starting out this year on a part time bases and most of the lots i'm bidding are in that range. I have a regular full time job that I will retire out of but that is sometime away. Thinking in the range between 10-20 regular clients. Want to give a smaller group of customers top notch work vs. making them just a number. Thanks for your input

Southern Lawns

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Mow,edge and trim. 60" machine 2 men.35 min.
48" WB machine 2 men. 45 min.
21" machine 2 men. Priceless (you may as well use scissors)