Timemaster misfires when hot - help!


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Hopefully someone will have some experience similar to mine. I have a 190cc Briggs Toro Timemsater. Machine is a few years old and has always run great when blades are engaged and cutting.

The problem is that is runs rough (seems to be lean) when fully warmed up and idling without the blades engaged. This is more an annoyance than anything but it is getting old. Leave you mower sit running to empty the clipping bag and it sounds like a junkyard special. Come back and engage the blades and start mowing and it’s just fine.

it also idles fine when first started and not yet warmed up. Problem only exists when engine is hot.

I have replaced the fuel filter, replaced carburetor, replaced plug, made sure air filter is clean.

My attention is now turning toward the auto choke since that’s the only thing that changes function when cold vs. warm.

You think I can just bend the actuator arm a little so the choke doesn’t fully open when engine is hot? When cold and choke
Is closed or partially closed things are fine. . .

Very frustrating. Anyone else experience similar or perhaps solved this problem?


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Look, the choke is supposed to be fully open when warm. Why did you replace carb? OEM or bootleg carb? All the mtg gaskets in place?
Does it have a fuel pump?
Have u checked / adjusted the valves?
Good voltage/ ground to fuel solenoid?
Post motor numbers.

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