Timer for 16 zones


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Hi All. First time poster in the Irrigation forum here. I have a question on a new timer for our office building and seeking some pro advice as to which one to go with and why. So with out further a do...

What is the best controller for 16 zones?

We recently added two dedicated zones for Drip and shrub areas to our existing sprinkler system for an office property. That put us beyond what our old timer could handle. What is the best controller to use in our situation? We have a rain sensor but nothing else special. Any thoughts about ease of programming, reliability, best value, etc., would be appreciated.


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a Hunter i-Core could handle the load, and give you some room for future changes
Agreed. You can take these up to 30 zones in 6 zone bites.

You could easily add a basic weather station (Solar Sync) and save your property some water and money. It includes a rain sensor, among others.

Programming is easy and the company is largely a made/owned in the USA (important to me).


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Rain Bird ESP-LXM. It can handle between 4 and 48 stations in 4 or 8 station increments. Hands down the best light commercial modular controller on the market.