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timer for new tiller, which one??


LawnSite Member
Northern, CO
I'm in the market for a new rear tine tiller. Which ones have worked out for you? Which ones should I stay away from?

I was leaning towards a husqvarna (sp?), but wasn't too happy after paying over 1g for one of their snow blowers that did so/so. Anybody running a Cub cadet? I'm open to any suggestions, but I've got to be below the 700.00 price mark.


LawnSite Member
I have had a Troy for almost 20 years and it is by far the best tiller out there! I had to rent a Hydro tiller last year when mine was in for service. The rental dude said this was the latest and greatest tiller, state of the art, blah blah blah......Biggest POS I ever ran!!! Give me my Troy Bilt any day of the year!!!

I just re-powered mine and the thing is like new again! :weightlifter:


LawnSite Senior Member
I understand that Troy Bilt Tillers are now made by MTD. They make the Yard Machine and Poulan Tillers as well. We know the residential junk they put out in mowers and such. Are the new ones any good? I know the older, original Troy Builts are almost bullet proof.


LawnSite Bronze Member
they are the best on the markets light easy to use an do a great job! Get on you will love it . Its like an oversized mantis ! hope that helps george